Dana White Talks More About Lesnar Possibly Returning To UFC, WWE Stock Drops

Posted by Matt Boone March 27, 2014 2 Comments

– WWE stock took a big hit today, falling $2.18 per share to $27.53. The general consensus seems to be that there was an overenthusiasm and the stock price had gone too high, resulting in a lot of people deciding that today was a good day to get out. Some are connecting the previously reported Forbes article on Vince McMahon as a possible explanation, although that’s probably not the case.

– Sherdog.com recently spoke to President once again about former Heavyweight Champion . White didn’t say anything groundbreaking, pretty much telling the same story about how Lesnar feels he didn’t put forth his best performances due to dealing with diverticulitis during the majority of his run in the . You can check out the interview at Sherdog.com.