Daniel Bryan Asks Fans To Help Him Name His Finishing Move

Posted by Matt Boone November 22, 2013 17 Comments

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently did an interview with The Bleacher Report where he discussed giving fans the opportunity to help him name his running knee finishing move. Bryan tweeted a link to the interview, which you can watch below.

The options for the name of the finishing move are:

- The Yes Strike
- The Bearded Wizard
- Little-Big-Man Knee
- The Aberdeen Face Buster
- The Washington Wizard

  • Undertaker316

    The Aberdeen Face Buster is the best name out of the list that the move should be called but knowing wwe they will name it the fucking yes strike

  • tk

    the beard buster

  • Scott Kendall

    The Fuck-em-up running knee or the Pube driver

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny Thinks Bryan’s move should be called the “Goat’s Head Boot.”

  • yoyo

    Yes Strike!

  • D

    It should be called ‘The B+’

  • troll

    The Daniel Bryan.
    what better name than your own name.
    “Daniel bryan just did the Daniel bryan”

  • Meh

    Goat Kick Music aka the GKM

  • tzf

    i’m voting for: brie’s face gettin cockslapped

  • Paul Heyman Guy

    What about the Knee Plus?

  • Mega Mark

    The overrated lock

  • Red

    The yes strike!

  • Ice

    They really should name it “The B+”

  • Joseph Huntley

    I like the beard buster mentioned lol thats a cool move name

  • shameronstar

    The Yes Strike!

  • ItsmeItsme

    How about ‘Call of the Valkyrie’? In homage to his song? But if it HAS to be from the list, then The Bearded Wizard and The Aberdeen Face Buster are the better ones.

  • John Cecil David

    thats fucking stupid just call it by the real name of the move, Busaiku knee kick which is originally being executed by Kenta

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