Daniel Bryan Explains Royal Rumble Absence, Says WWE Is Holding Him Down

Posted by Matt Boone January 27, 2014 11 Comments

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan posted a pair of interesting tweets on his official Twitter account following Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Bryan tweeted:

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    • D

      In other words “Keep buying my merchandise, guys!”

    • Jason Todd

      The uncrowned champion. The hottest wrestler since the rock, yet he’s held back by management. Hang in their DB, wherever u go the fans will follow.

      • D

        LOL @ 3-time champion & the focus of the show since the summer being “held back” Remember to buy the new Bryan t-shirt.

    • Kris Godwin


      • The Troll Hunter

        When HHH says that he’ll hire models over actual pro-wrestlers, IDK.

    • gezim

      This is why we need sting in wwe for guys like reigns, Bryan, ziggler, kofi, Ambrose, rollins, cesaro etc give em the push these guys deserve and who actually work there arse off n give a shit about the company. We need sting

      • paul1987

        Sting would come in with an Ego, he wouldn’t be willing to put other guys over, he;ll want his run at the top. WWE wouldn’t use his character right.

        • JayRoz1982

          Ummmm, have you ever actually seen a Sting match or watched his last, like 6 years in TNA? Sting is very much about putting over the younger guys and trying to give them a boost. He has very little ego if you’ve ever seen an interview with him and he is simply playing out the role that creative has given him to play. I think if he goes to WWE he will be a name for sure, but I doubt very much that he’ll be a huge ego and try to get himself into the main event picture just because he’s Sting. Something tells me that Gezim is right…he’ll put over younger guys and share his knowledge and maybe just maybe do a main event run because the company wants him to….not because he’s a legend and demands it.

    • Masterpain

      Maybe I been watching wrestling too long but all the story lines

      are just too predictable.

      Cody and Goldust lose tag titles, joins the royal rumble, accidental

      elimination. Then problems will develop between the two starting with

      the first match they have on RAW. Leads all the way to Wrestlemania

      match. This is the same formula they use to split up most tag teams.

      Anyone else sick of watching the whores of Total Divas?

      Everyone knew Batista was gonna win the Royal Rumble. I just couldn’t

      see them choosing anyone else that was in the rumble match main eventing

      Wrestlemania unless Brock, Cena and Orton was there. It’s sad because I

      can’t see any of those four guys putting on a good match. But those are

      the guys WWE thinks draws money. I don’t think CM Punk will ever be in

      the main event at Wrestlemania unless something drastic happened. They

      don’t think Daniel Bryan can draw. Shit they blamed him for poor ppvs.

      Everything to them is about money. Nevermind developing a good story.

      They totally blew it again with the Daniel Bryan/Wyatt family storyline.

      Just like they blew it with the CM Punk pipebomb story. They rushed the

      story for money. They needed a main even for Summerslam so they brought

      punk back after a week. They wanted to sell more merch and get publicity

      for the “yes” chants so they rush the storyline for that.

    • Undertaker316

      i think after number 30 entrant wasn’t daniel bryan the fans should of started to walk out chanting “daniel bryan” and “yes” that would of sent the message across

    • Tacos

      It’s all a work.

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