Daniel Bryan Joins The Wyatt Family, Lesnar & Heyman Return On RAW

Posted by Matt Boone December 31, 2013 17 Comments

The final WWE RAW show of 2013 ended with Daniel Bryan joining The Wyatt Family. The RAW main event featured Daniel Bryan facing Luke Harper first. If Bryan defeated Harper, then he had to beat Erick Rowan. If he defeated them both, then he could get his hands on Bray Wyatt. Bryan ended up beating them both. When Bray’s turn to face Bryan came up, he stopped himself from attacking Bryan. Bryan ended up telling Bray he was right. He said fans chanted “Yes!” in every building he went to, and “they” still didn’t care. Bray then hit Bryan with his Sister Abigail finisher, but the two still ended up leaving together. Bryan stopped at the top of the stage to think over his decision, but ultimately decided to do it anyway.

Also on RAW on Monday night, both Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman returned. The two returned as part of Triple H’s “blockbuster announcement.” They announced their intentions on becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion by defeating whoever wins the Royal Rumble main event between John Cena and Randy Orton. This led to Mark Henry coming out, only to get beat up by Lesnar. Lesnar speared Henry through the barricade on the floor and then hit him with an F-5 on the floor.

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    • Jones CJ

      The WWE is really hurting themselves with this decision. No wonder why the ratings are so low. This is ridiculous.

      • Canuck 703

        Hate to say it but I saw it coming. They were going to turn one of their 2 top faces heel & it sure wasn’t going to be Cena which I would of preferred.

        • Spell Check

          Would have…would HAVE.

          • Canuck 703

            it’s a mistake no need to shout !!

      • Guest

        Yeah because when Punk was WWE champion and Daniel Bryan was World Heavyweight Champion those ratings were through the roof [/sarcasm].

    • Undertaker316

      brock lesnar’s scream during that segment is the funniest moment on raw i have seen in a while XD

      • Kat

        Glad someone else thought that was hilarious as well. My mom and I were seriously cracking up at that.

    • Vitorio

      Bray’s “monster” of choice is “The American Dragon” and not a simple sissy shrieking “Beast”. I want the Danielson that fractures limbs, bruises internal organs and tortures with cattle mutilations. A crowd can cheer or boo for this one but I’ll relish the opportunity to witness the destruction.

    • Dylan

      Of course cena will win the royal rumble match to face Brock at wrestlemania !! Wwe is so predictable now… There is no way they can leave cena out of the main event

      • Pauly D

        nope it could be cena vs brock at elimination chamber where if brock wins he faces punk at wm or undertaker interferes the match and challenges him for wm

        • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

          if cena does win, what happens to randy’s rematch clause? He HAS to get his rematch

    • Rockman Rex

      i say Orton will win vs. Cena at the Rumble. it would be stupid to have Orton as a transitional champ after winning it at TLC. the buildup was bad enough and losing it to Cena would hurt the prestige credibility of the belt and WWE product even worse. I say Lesnar vs. Orton at Wrestlemania 30 unless if Cena do happened to win at the rumble, then they should set up a Lesnar vs Batista match at WM 30. then again i hear Lesnar may be reserve for WM30 as Undertakers opponent.

    • Cock Chestner

      Really? Really?

    • Ryan5060

      Why would Daniel Bryan join the Wyatt family when everyone is loving him hes superstar of the year

      • BrandysLilBrother

        Wwe’s most loved superstar + Wwe’s favorite faction (combined)= MAJOR RATINGS

    • starkiller

      ok its a rematch, who honestly didnt see that coming? Bryan joining and possibly turning heel is great. the fact is he has the fans in the palm of his hands and now you gain even more by turning heel. if done right (deep breath) and this all comes full circle he will come out shining brighter then ever when he flips to being face again.
      assuming he will be a heel the real challenge is will the fans accept it and want to hate him?

    • BrandysLilBrother

      I like it… Hopefully they turn the Wyatt’s In to a “DX” or “Nexus” type of faction… Add more people… “I.e. Curtis axel (just because of the beard”(seeing as though he isn’t doing anything Else AT ALL) cause chaos and “run a muck” in the wwe, disrupt the programming, have the sheep mask pop up in the middle of matches annoy and scare the authority, “possibly” add a female though that may be a stretch. Should be able to entertain for about a year or 2 possibly more.

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