Daniel Bryan Joins The Wyatt Family, Lesnar & Heyman Return On RAW

Posted by Matt Boone December 31, 2013 17 Comments

The final show of 2013 ended with joining The Wyatt Family. The RAW main event featured facing first. If Bryan defeated Harper, then he had to beat . If he defeated them both, then he could get his hands on . Bryan ended up beating them both. When Bray’s turn to face Bryan came up, he stopped himself from attacking Bryan. Bryan ended up telling Bray he was right. He said fans chanted “Yes!” in every building he went to, and “they” still didn’t care. Bray then hit Bryan with his Sister Abigail finisher, but the two still ended up leaving together. Bryan stopped at the top of the stage to think over his decision, but ultimately decided to do it anyway.

Also on RAW on Monday night, both Brock Lesnar and returned. The two returned as part of ’s “blockbuster announcement.” They announced their intentions on becoming the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating whoever wins the main event between and . This led to Mark Henry coming out, only to get beat up by Lesnar. Lesnar speared Henry through the barricade on the floor and then hit him with an F-5 on the floor.