Daniel Bryan Being Phased Out Of Main Events, Ricardo Rodriguez Returning, Cruiserweights

Posted by Brad Davis November 7, 2013 22 Comments

- Even though he is not currently being utilized on WWE television, Ricardo Rodriguez is headed to the UK for next week’s tapings. Vickie Guerrero isn’t working this weekend’s live events but is flying into the UK for next week’s TV tapings.

– WWE still has plans to use some of their smaller wrestlers on a cruiserweight type show when the WWE Network launches.

– With WWE Chairman Vince McMahon recently blaming the “attractions” at SummerSlam being responsible for the show drawing a disappointing buyrate, a good part of that blame is going on Daniel Bryan. As we’re already seeing with the Big Show vs. Randy Orton Survivor Series main event, the feeling is that Daniel Bryan is too small and too “average” – so there’s a push to feature WWE’s larger-than-life characters at the top of the card.

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(Partial source: PWInsider)

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    • Ice

      “the feeling is that Daniel Bryan is too small and too “average””…You got to be kidding me, Daniel is one of the fastest, technical wrestlers out there that even has the whole fanbase following him, and their putting the some of the blame on him??? How about letting Daniel keep the title for 2 to 3 ppvs and see how things go, since they didn’t even let him hold the title for 24hrs.

    • Viceroy

      Does that mean I shouldn’t buy the next PPV that relegates Bryan to mid card. I need to vote with dollars like I did when I stopped buying Mayweather fights. I really want to see how Punk & Bryan pair up but I have to show my protest.

      • D C

        I stopped buying all boxing ppv’s! Rather save the $ for WWE and UFC cards.

      • Sam Sosa-Rodriguez

        Yeah, you showed Mayweather.

    • Kage

      Now do you see why I stopped watching?

      Daniel Bryan: Dammit Miz! 2.0

      • Spencer Elliott

        Dammit Miz 2.0, lol.

    • D

      Trust in McMahon. He knows best.

    • D C

      Daniel Bryan is one of the better wrestlers and entertainers out there.

    • Bulkster

      This the same way they tried to blame The Miz for that horrible SurvivorSeries that saw Cena and Rock bury Miz and R-Truth the whole build up. Looks like Bryan will be back on the job squad soon.

      • Ice

        That was just horrible. R-Truth was getting a big Heel push against Cena, and the lil jimmy persona was great at first, but when they made it a babyface for the kids, it just killed R-truth, and look at him now…R-Truth would’ve been a great champ, but they wanted to keep the belt on Cena as usual.

    • Nicholas Williams

      Really??? Daniel Bryan should really consider going back to ROH… I would much rather see him in a smaller promotion then see him disrespected like this. I really dont see how smaller guys are still wanting to sign with WWE. They all get treated like this.

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        or TNA

        • Nicholas Williams

          I could not disagree with you more, right now. No wrestler needs to jump on a sinking ship. At this point in time I dont think any wrestler needs to sign with TNA until the Carter’s are gone. After that who knows.

          • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

            They should have a rivalry with House of Hardcore

    • yoyo

      WWE is just looking for someone to blame. As usual, they pick on the little guy.

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        They are bullies yet they say stop the bullying

    • Diego Armando Maldonado

      Daniel is one of the most exciting wrestlers there is just the way he brings life to the crowd, he way he fights. There mistake was giving Randy the tittle, they showed maybe two shows of the old Randy (triple h vs Randy fued) but Randy is boring to watch. That’s what drags down the ppv unless you let him starting punting people again then it’s pointless. And really against big show yawn!

    • The Troll Hunter

      lol, this coming from the company that constantly pushed the whole “Be A Star” crap. I can’t stand wwe! It’s just backwards thinking. Vince is stuck in the 80s with his favoring untalented, bulky & slow wrestlers over smaller, technical, faster wrestles. This is what you get when the wwe fanboys support this crap.

    • LochGates44

      Did they not hear the silence when Big Show was being attacked at the end of Raw?

    • Ariel

      Wow im shocked ! Ive been watching wwe religiously and buy all the attitude era dvds at fye so i can watch wrestling when it was tv 14 and at its best and in 7 years i have been watching i havent seen anyone who gets the crowd so into them and excited like daniel bryan. Wwe needs to get off the let john cena win everything for the next ten years until hes 45 and retires because its destroyed wwe

    • Ariel

      And dolph ziggler and dean ambrose are amazing and dolph stopped getting pushed which is a joke. Dean ambrose is the best one out of the shield in the ring and on the mic the only reason roman is getting pushed is because hes the biggest and they dont want to push smaller guys only the steroid freaks like cena and batista. Cm punk is phenomenal way better then cena currently in my eyes hes also top five

      • Andrew “The Raven” Outlaw

        Not a fan of Cena but he doesn’t take steroids

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