Daniel Bryan Takes Down Criminal Robbing His Home

Posted by Brad Davis July 26, 2014 18 Comments

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan interrupted a burglary at his home on Thursday night, chased down one of the thieves and subdued him until police arrived.

According to Phoenix police,, the incident occurred when Bryan and his wife Brie were returning home to their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon pulling into their driveway, they saw their front door open and realized they were being robbed. Two men ran out of the house and Bryan was able to catch one of them, 22-year-old Cesar Sosa. They got into a struggle and Bryan was able to wrestle him down and keep him tied up until police arrived. The second suspect was not located.

Sosa was booked into Maricopa County Jail and charged with burglary.


Bryan and his wife Brie spoke about the incident during a press conference, with Bryan saying he jumped into action because he was worried about their dog, Josie, who was in the house. He also got emotional when he revealed that the burglars attempted to steal a bracelet his father gave to him. Here’s video from the press conference:

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    • Joseph James

      Daniel Bryan didn’t really take the burglary that seriously, I know he subdued the one guy but he laughed a lot about it all

      • Huh

        I’ll bet you would’ve surrendered and cowered like a bitch. Sounds like someone has an inferiority complex.

        • Huh

          And he’s crippled right now.

        • Joe Aggro

          I’d have tied Bryan up, raped that bitch he’s married to in front of him, tortured her, tortured him, killed em both. Then skipped outside the US and ended up free and out of jail. Avoiding prison and staying out of the psych ward like I’ve been to before. A few times when Cena did something stupid and pissed me off. Should have just gone to a pro wrestling WWE show and fucking introduced Orton or even Cena to this craaaazzzzzy chick I know, who I call, “Mrs. IED”.
          Not for nothin’ but….she’s damn motherfucking crazy….ever since Orton and Cena turned heel on her….she isn’t and hasn’t been herself at all.

          I’m 6′ 4″ and about 235-240 lbs. and I’ll tell you something’….No way I’d want to fuck with Mrs. IED. You people think that just because a woman is smaller than you they can’t and would not be more vicious and aggressive than some dude 2-4 X their size. Wrong. They can and will be, given the right circumstances.

          Now what’re both Randy Orton and John Cena gonna do?

          Punch and kick a woman who’s a lot physically smaller then they themselves are for behaving aggressively or being nasty or what-have-ya?

          Guess one or both want to end up crippled or something if they intentionally fuck with Mrs. IED.

          • Huh

            You’re an idiot.

            • Guest

              No he’s a “fucking” idiot.

      • Sweet Vengance

        That wasn’t even a real burglary either.
        Bryan, Cena, Reigns, Triple H, the McMahons, Bellas and everyone in WWE steals all the time from each other and fans. WTF?! Why don’t fans whether online or not…just get back at WWE Superstars?
        How someone supposedly even find out where Bryan lives at?
        I would love to find out where Cena, Orton and other guys in WWE live….I’d fucking pay em a visit, alright!
        They robbed from me and from other people so why shouldn’t we rob from them?!
        I do get it. It’s wrong to steal but you think the WWE Superstars care about that fact?! HA HA HA HA HA! It’s so funny I forgot to bother to laugh since there’s nothing funny about WWE or cool about it anymore.
        If I were a bad guy the only way I’d allow myself to be subdued is if I had gotten paid off with a lot of money by a rich, wealthy celebrity like Bryan is!

        • Guest

          Rich wealthy people don’t typically have people break into their homes.

    • Smark

      He’s the man haha

    • brielover

      Atta boy!

    • Peter Ly

      Imagine Daniel Bryan put the thief in his signature lock and scream: Yes! Yes! Yes! I put down a thief with a freaking broken neck.

      • SJ

        If I were a bad guy….I’d just break in and take whatever I wanted. the guy didn’t rape Bryan and his little f’kin’ bitch? didn’t even tie him up or kill him or his little bitchy girlfriend wifey or whatever the fuck the bitch is to him? That’s proof right there that the guy who was doing this….*eyeroll* goddamned amateurs! some one stupid enough to try to get into my residence would end up either bleeding a lot, rolling on the ground in agony, being attacked until the perp left or was unconscious, or died from injuries.


    • Chanting Crowd

      YOU’VE STILL GOT IT!!! clap clap clapclapclap YOU’VE STILL GOT IT!!! clap clap clapclapclap

    • Spencer Elliott

      So while injured, he out ran and took down a 22 year old. Pretty impressive athlete. I hope he gave the fucker a few digs.

      • Wrangler

        Actually, this sounds incredibly like a WWE setup for a skit where a superstar and other people do their best to lie to, decieve and con people into believing something occourred. When in reality it never, ever happened in the first place. Similarly to how a guy gets injured when it isn’t even a real injury but WWE makes it look believable, real and like it actually happened.
        Daniel Bryan was and is faking the injury to his neck and is faking the so-called burglary. Because a real burglar sure as hell is not going to be there right before someone just so happens to arrive back at their residence/home.
        Nor would a burglar be so easily caught. Take for example….Daniel Bryan, John Cena and other WWE Superstars. They rob from people who watch WWE and betray people who like them. Or that’s what they usually do but always get away with bad, evil, negative, wrongful, corrupted, crooked, objectionable things they do. Right now they are and it fucking totally sucks.
        But no matter how much I dislike WWE….it won’t change or improve until it’s the right and appropriate time for that to happen.
        If I could have my way….John Cena would not enjoy the bad things he does and neither would anyone else in WWE enjoy, like or want to continue doing bad, wrongful, hurtful. lousy, insulting, mean-spirited, dis-
        honest, uncool, immoral, bullying, nonsensesical crap that they’re doing presently speaking.
        Nobody in WWE would get away with bad things they do that are wrong and that are underhanded, dishonest, lies, and that are annoying because they are disrespecting themselves and others when they behave that way.

        • GTFOuTROLL

          Wow. How far up your ass did you have to reach to pull that one out?

          • Spencer Elliott

            Obvious, troll is obvious.

          • P.J.

            People do want Cena to have to get injured in the SummerSlam PPV….my guess is because they feel angry and upset with him. They do feel wronged by him. By setting up the match between Cena and Lesnar. where WWE is having Lesnar go along with physically injuring Cena…it forces Lesnar into a bad guy/hee mold. Which allows John Cena to appear to be the guy who has been wronged. Completely forgetting that he has behaved in ways in the past which were:
            Antagonistic, Insulting, Wrong, Lousy, Bullying, and Misusing power. He refuses to put over other people in WWE. He has insulted, disrespected, and gotten away with doing things that no one wanted to see or have happen. Because John Cena wants to and chooses to mess with his opponnents and with people in the audience, by making his opponnent get pissed with him, so the other guy will feel angry with him and want to beat the hell out of him or whatever. So that when Cena is getting attacked in the match by his opponnent, he is made to look/appear/seem to be like he is the one who has been wronged when in act-
            tuality, Cena is the one who’s done wrong to others. Whether they are his opponnent in a match or pay-per-view or are watching matches.

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