Daniel Bryan Update: Additional Surgery Needed, Condition Worse Than Expected

Posted by Brad Davis July 10, 2014 11 Comments

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s physical condition is worse than originally believed.

Bryan recently underwent neck surgery and his return was delayed because he was experiencing complications with the strength in one of his arms. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a thorough medical examination revealed additional shoulder and neck issues.

The latest is that Daniel Bryan probably needs shoulder surgery. Due to the uncertainty regarding his in-ring future, WWE has removed Daniel Bryan from all upcoming storylines and the company has no idea when he’ll be back in action.

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    • Jeremy

      DB may be forced to retire. It would suck to see him not wrestle anymore but why come back and risk being paralyzed from a simple bump. WWE could give him a job behind the scenes and on the bright side he still gets to bang Brie.

      • SJ

        Daniel Bryan and other guys in WWE can try a different approach to things.
        Doing things to allow matches to be entertaining and safe, but not put the boys at risk of being paralyzed or getting busted open in matches.
        Why am i taking this position??
        The horribly lousy, unhappy, dissatisfied, disappointed, hopeless and frusteration that I feel about things being wrong and unfair in WWE and wanting things to be able to be right again is making me do this and take this position about things.
        I’m extremely tired of the lack of there being any bright, good, hopeful, better, happier, more enjoyable, better times and the fact that the frosted and positive side of WWE….and things I would like and love to have happen…aren’t allowed to. Because it feels like those things have gone away completely. That SUCKS HELLACIOUSLY AWFUL AND EXTREMELY ATROCIOUSLY BAD, WRONGLY AND ROTTENLY!!!
        It’s driving me up the damn walls already!!!!

        • Save_UsY2K

          Dude seriously…….wtf are you on?


      Daniel Bryan will be back better the ever



    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Daniel Bryan has been one the best in ring performers over the last few years, but at times he goes overboard to please the fans, thus the injuries.
      Good luck to DB, don’t come back to soon & risk a permanent injury. Make sure to be able to live a normal life, pro wrestling is secondary.

      • SJ

        Wait….what the hell are you talking about?! Pro wrestling isn’t secondary! NOT now…..NOT EVER!!!
        Thank you for bringing this topic up about Daniel Bryan and other superstars at times going overboard to please fans, which can cause them to get injured.
        Like what happened to Randy Orton at the MITB pay-per-view. Which DOES trouble and bother TREMENDOUSLY & A LOT!!! Due to the fact that at times I feel there isn’t much that I can do immediately and in the short and long term to help him & myself and other superstars to feel better inside, be safer and prevent and stop serious injuries from occourring. Not being able to do that…..SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!
        I feel like….I’m sorry that I didn’t know or find out beforehand that, or about what was going to happen to Randy Orton at the WWE MITB PPV – Sunday – June 29, 2014 that somehow if I’d have known I could possibly have warned him or told him to physically protect his head in matches and not allow opponnents to hit him in the head or do moves on him that will put him at risk of serious, career threatening injuries.
        Daniel Bryan is kind of trying to say that he’s got a shoulder injury….that’s an injury Randy Orton’s had issues with in the past. Why is it that Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and other superstars in WWE, cannot refuse to allow their opponnent to hit, attack. strike them, drop or slam them or say, NO!” to an opponnent doing moves that can possibly cause serious, permanent injujry to someone they’re in the match with?? A guy doing a dangerous move on his opponnent can and should be allowed to refuse to harm his opponnent. However….the issue and problem with that is, say for instance, fans feel angry about things another superstar does to their favorite WWE Superstar, and they feel like they can’t automatically help make the wrongful things be right. Or they hate and feel extremely mad at or with another superstar who’s said and done things to harm them and their favorite superstar….how do these guys want people to respond?
        Do WWE superstars want people to tell them things like,
        “You really, REALLY HURT ME deeply when you treated (WWE Superstar’s name) like you did when you…(fill in negative, mocking, name calling, bullying comments, and treated him in ways that were mean, underhanded, wrong, antagonistic, unfair and hurtful, insulting, unkind, hateful, despicable, etc.) and it bothers the hell out of me that I am unable to make things right in such a way that will satisfy me and give me inner peace because I know that you not suffering and getting hurt for harming him, me and other people by treating him in the way you have and did. Being unable to cause you to feel badly for doing that to him is bothering the hell out of me and is causing me to feel unhappy and dissatisfied a lot of the time. When I wanted you to stop treating him badly, you refused. That really set me off and made me extremely pissed. I wanted to get back at you but realized if I did physically attack you for treating him badly and wrongfully….you may misconstrue what I’m doing and think I’m just intentionally behaving inappropriately just to cause problems when that isn’t the case. I just wanted you to have to pay and suffer consequences for what you said and did to him because it hurts me inside that you would behave that way toward him and I am not allowed to stop you or prevent you from doing that or help heal the hurt so that you and he don’t treat one another like that anymore or do that to me….because doing that stuff isn’t really right.”

        • P.P. Johnny

          P.P. Johnny hopes you get 100% on this dissertation.

          • Guest

            That and do research into the phenomenon known as TL;DR.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          So you want wrestling matches where wrestlers aren’t allowed to do wrestling moves because Randy Orton might get hurt?

    • Dan Pedreyra

      Time to give some “HUGE” insight……haha…….I kid..I kid…..No I dont. He’ll be back but I think it will be at least a year folks.The neck is a big deal…of course and HOW it’s hurt……WILL “eventually” put him in Edge territory although no one is gonna say that now. Additional fusion and plating will help but it’l take a year to strengthen the bone….then probably around close to another year for the strength. If they did a “root canal” on the c-vert. its less invasive. Peyton manning had a VERY similar surgery so it can be done. Bumps are a part of the game and that ring shortens careers just w slams. EEKS. I think we’re about to see Vince put some eggs in another basket…you heard it here first…..it’s damn real. Negatives are about to be positives……I hope Daniel Bryan is back soon but for right now…….he’s off the grid.

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