Daniel Bryan Update: Expected Out Until 2015 Royal Rumble

Posted by Matt Boone August 2, 2014 16 Comments

As noted by Daniel Bryan himself during the press conference held after he single-handedly stopped burglars who were attempting to rob his home, he will be requiring a second surgery to fix some physical issues he is currently dealing with.

The good news is that the second operation is not another neck surgery, as it’s actually a nerve issue he is dealing with in his right elbow that is causing weakness in his arm. The bad news, however, is that as of right now, early estimates are that Bryan will be out of action until after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January of 2015.

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(Credit: Figure Four Weekly Newsletter)

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    • Villadam

      Theres your next royal rumble winner then

    • not you

      i wonder if its the same issue im dealing with after my surgery, its called complex regional pain syndrome

    • Vince

      Time to cut the dead weight. Back to the indies bryan!

    • tnaVSwwe

      he’s gonna win the RR

      • Shaquille Burton

        Doubt it he’s gonna get the zigler treatment

    • TheAdequateKhali

      Hope he’s actually in it this time.

    • Joseph James

      Have him enter at #1 and win the whole thing, we haven’t had that in over 10 years

      • vezzo

        Daniel Bryan returning to WWE or having him win at the Royal Rumble sucks!

    • Jeremy

      I like Daniel Bryan but if he is truly able to come back next year I dont think he will be in any title picture. If he is able to wrestle then it will probably be a few matches and he will have his last match at a PPV. The surgeries, being away for so long and the chance of injuring that neck again will make it difficult for WWE to consider giving him another push. DB has been one of the best wrestlers that WWE has had in a while but I’d rather see him retire than take a chance of getting permanently injured.

      • Sal

        I liked Randy Orton better a couple of years back when he was a clean – shaven baby face good guy who hasn’t even been able or allowed to come back to WWE. He used to make the entire product a lot more interesting and desireable. Him not changing and getting rid of his awfui – looking bearded facial hair look which is preventing him from recieving more of a push sucks reprehensibly and extremely bad.
        Him having to usually put over other guys in WWE sucks and isn’t fair.
        Because of things being so wrong and objectionable in WWE it’s not as enjoyable or as anticipated or exciting to watch WWE because of the way things have gotten completely screwed up and have turned into a humdrum boring, unexciting stupid routine which sucks worse than complete hell.

        • SJ

          Orton and Reigns now are both having to go along with this damn idiocy about being sadistic, mean, and harming each other at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. Which sucks worse than beyond tremendously. As does Cena vs. Lesnar being put into a scenario where they have to injure one another.
          True, I have felt extremely hurt, angry, upset, saddened, hopeless, frusterated, puzzled by and completely perplexed by the fact that I don’t always know how to get restitution for Randy Orton and other WWE Superstars for wrongs that have been happening to them. Such as when they’re mistreated, or negative things happen.
          Whether it’s happening to the Superstars themselves or to people who watch WWE.
          I know it sounds completely insane and crazy to just want to have WWE be funny, humorous, enjoyable, fair, just, satisfying, exciting, cool, fantastic, welcoming, terriffic and extremely good once again!

    • Camp Cornette

      To make his return impactful, they need to leave it as a surprise. No WWE.com bulletins a month out mentioning his return, no promos in the weeks leading up to it. Don’t even leave “cryptic” promos hinting around that anybody is returning. No hints, nothing.

      • Xenon C.

        Randy Orton’s current in-ring character sucks and isn’t impactful like he once was and used to be at the time he was a clean – shaven babyface/good guy in 2008-2010 and some of 2011 – 2012. How the hell is he even supposed to be allowed or be able to return to being a clean shaven good guy baby face who was actually enjoyable, entertaining, fascinating, cool, intense, amazingly good, and having him win at the WWE Royal Rumble would be cool!!!
        But if Randy Orton’s going to have to keep the suckfest, ugliest – ever bearded look he’s got and he has to continue to be a heelish bad guy….. that’s something that atrociously sucks even worse than indescribably lousy, hurtful, disappointing, dissatisfying and extremely bothersome!!!
        ****Thumbs Down*****
        I used to actually like Orton but now he’s uninteresting because he’s having to always put over other guys who don’t deserve to be champion and him having to join the bad guys and be a heel makes WWE non-entertaining, extremely boring, dull, uninteresting and lousy….like Reigns, Bryan, and Cena are and have been.
        Orton’s not even allowed or able to be in the title picture which fucking sucks and is horrendous.

    • Herb

      Dump this fucker. He’s useless now.

      • Kent

        They won’t dump that fucker Cena. No matter how many times people say they don’t want Cena as champion.
        Perhaps he is a champion after all so they want everyone to bow down to the fuckin Pro Wrestling Superstar God and Lord above ALL. John Cena
        Worse though is that Cena is being permitted to play this off and WWE’s attempting to turn him into some kinda martyr.
        What would be cool is if Lesnar makes John Cena tap out! I’d order the SummerSlam pay-per-view on DVD if he does that. Because then it’d definitely be well worth seeing happen. Even if it means waiting for that to happen…but at the upcoming pay per view—-WWE SummerSlam!!!

        • DIY

          wait a sec….don’t you realize that Cena is just going to be able to use and do everything to his own advantage?? regardless of if he’s a heel or face.
          because if he weren’t he would not have ever agreed to do this match v. Lesnar at SummerSlam.
          since Cena is going to be able to use the situation….whether he loses or wins, to his advantage. for example: if john cena wins vs. brock lesnar he’ll be able to say that he got beaten up but that if you say your prayers and eat your vitamins, by gawd…you’ll be able to overcome anything and everything. EXCEPT for one thing….one person…John Cena.
          if he loses then he’ll just use that to his advantage by telling Lesnar that he wants a rematch and then he’ll be allowed to win the championship title back and then he’ll just be made to look like he’s the good guy. when he isn’t and should not be.
          Anyone who disagrees with my position about this scenario may be thinking that John Cena would not harm or hurt anyone. That’s a lie. He’s going to harm people who watch WWE if he gets the hell beaten out of him. Which won’t bother him at all. Also….even if people who would be fans….they aren’t even permitted nor are they allowed to show and express disapproval for other things in WWE. Such as Randy Orton saying that he’s going to be sadistic toward Roman Reigns. To be completely honest, no one in WWE—- not Orton, Reigns, Cena, Lesnar, Triple H, Rolliins,Ambrose, or anyone else in WWE should be treating each other in hurtful, bothersome, mean-spirited ways nor should people watching WWE want that sort of idiotic crap continuing to happen.

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