Daniels Plays White Supremacist On Spike TV, Hardcore Justice News & Notes

Posted by Matt Boone August 16, 2013 0 Comment

- was in a segment on Tuesday’s edition of the Spike TV show “Tattoo Nightmares.” The show features people with tattoos they want removed. They tell the back story on the original tattoo and explain why they want it removed. During the explanation, they re-enact the story. was involved in one of the re-enactments, as he played a White Supremacist inmate who forced a guy in jail to get an Iron Cross tattoo.

-“#HardcoreJustice” was trending number two worldwide during the edition of on Spike TV on Thursday night. “#HardcoreJustice” was second to “Darren Young”, who has been in the number one spot since the news broke of his coming out of the closet.

- tweeted the following her match at Hardcore Justice:

My face tastes like Bourbon!!! Thanks @TheODBBAM & @gailkimITSME you really outdid yourself out there! This is your fault! #hardcorejustice

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