Darren Young Comes Out: “I’m Gay”

Posted by Michael Bluth August 15, 2013 33 Comments


WWE superstar Darren Young has “come out” and stated publicly that he’s gay.

Young arrived at LAX in Los Angeles on Wednesday for SummerSlam week and was asked by TMZ photographers if a gay wrestler could ever succeed in WWE. He laughed and said:

“Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

Young is now the first openly gay wrestler in WWE and the first wrestler come out while still signed to a major national promotion. Now, he might want to update his Twitter bio, which reads:

As comfortable in the VIP section as he is in the ring, Darren Young’s life revolves around three things — money, women and wrestling.

  • eddie

    Ouch….legally they cant fire him because hes gay. But now hell be scrutenized more harshly. I give him 2 months and hell be out the door. Rumor had it thats why they “fired” orlando jones because he came out as bisexual
    Tata ptp

  • Mavis

    Watch him get fired after Summerslam..

    • jussayin

      because he’s gay? i don’t see no problem with that after all his boss vincent kennedy mcmahon used to pull down his pants in front of other guys in the past…

      anyway ptp became jobbers lately anyway

      • George Flegel

        And Vince seems to like having men kissing his ass or having his face shoved into other men’s butts, so maybe Vince has something to tell us.

    • Scott M

      Pat Patterson is gay. He was once accused of having a male announcer fired for refusing to give him oral sex. He’s still with the company even though WWE was sued (although won) because of this. Clearly it doesn’t matter to them. If Pat Patterson is still with the company and in the HOF with all the crazy rumors and stories about him, I’m sure Darren Young won’t have any problems….. other then being a jobber.

  • chewbacca

    He said “I’m Gay” as in “I’m Happy!!!!” Read carefully!! He was probrably being a smartass

    • it doesnt matter

      watch the video smart one

  • William Mcilwain

    does his tag team partner know about this i talking about titus o neil young is out the door after summerslam

    • shameronstar

      Well, he definitely know now!

    • N Mickey

      Titus O Neil tweeted “I’m VERY PROUD of @DarrenYoungWWE He’s been like Family 2Me&My Kids And that won’t Change!

      So I don’t think he really cares. Why should we? Darren Young even said in the interview, Does it matter?

    • William Mcilwain

      well honestly i don’t give a damn he suck anyway like i said he’s out the door sooner or later

  • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

    Give the guy credit – it takes balls to come out even if you’re a normal guy .. He’s a celebrity in a professional sport. You’re out of your mind if you think WWE would fire him for this. Aside from the fact that it would be a PR nightmare (and would result in lawsuits & bad publicity) – they’re a corporation that has championed anti-bullying. If anything – this will be good PR for WWE and might even bring in some new fans that are .. into the sorta thing DY is into

  • Guest334679852111570

    This thread is going to blow the hell up once all the little trolls that normally post on this site get out of school at 3…

    Until then, good for you Darren Young!

    • Randy Ragsdale

      And I’m going to blow darren young if I ever get to meet him :) Always had a crush on john cena now I get to go for his black lookalike. I love me some chocolate um um yum ;) Now they can be called the primetime penislovers ;). millions of ballsacks millions of ballsacks millions of ballsacks

      • wut

        Ew, I’m gay and I find this direspectful. Over-promiscuity like this is one of the reasons people dislike us.

  • Hector Naranjo

    His chances to hold a championship just went slim to none

  • troll

    looks like cena but total opposite

  • Derp

    Who gives a shit. Black Cena is gay, so what.

    • Canuck 703

      Well you must (either way) to leave a comment.

  • h0m0darrenyoung

    stick it in my butt hee hee i’m the gay nigglet version of supa cena heee heee hee stick it in my nigglet buttttt

  • Not Chris Jericho

    Some people talking about him getting fired? I think the opposite infact. His stock in the company just skyrocketed, especially when the news outlets and ESPN get a hold of it. He’ll immediately be called a trailblazer or something.

  • Smokey Joe

    The new PG WWE will be all over this. He’ll be the poster boy for Be A * and he might make it as a credible mid-card wrestler.

    WWE want diversity and anything that get reach out the a greater demographic.

  • The jumpin Jehosaphat

    Honestly this is the only way he’s going to get any real attention. He’s not very good in the ring and mic skills are average at best although he hasn’t had much of a chance to show them off. Honestly I’ve been wondering if he was gay for quite a while now. He has shown all the signs but best of luck and maybe it well extend his career now that the WWE would have to insane to let him go unless he is caught seriously doped up or commits a major crime. Seriously though which serious fan is surprised he’s gay.

  • Chain Gang

    Props to Black Cena! Word Life!

  • apaco

    I guess [Puts on Glasses], he’s always sucked Yeeaaah

  • George Flegel

    Good for him. A very brave thing to do considering the WWE’s sterotypical depictions of gay people. I hope Darren doesn’t get screwed over by WWE management or turned into an over the top gay character.

  • T 980

    Team him up with John Cena and name them Ying/Wang

  • random dude

    Mad respect for Darren Young.

  • Kage

    Cool. Great for Darren Young. Takes a lot of courage to come-out whilst working for the notoriously homophobic WWE.

    Really though, should this be such a big deal? Doesn’t change my perception of him in the slightest.

  • carlitowranjr

    I believe he’s reffering to the true definition of the word “gay”, although i do believe hes a sodomy rights activist or homosexual the terms that truly apply to that way of life. To see straight men feel pride for a man being open about it is no more than proof to me that a plan that was put into effect decades ago is a complete success. “The overhauling of straight america”. This country has been deceived and manipulated by a homosexual who graduated at the top of his class with a major in persuasion.

    Read this article that was written decades ago, recognize that you are a sheep being led by a man that cant direct his own steps.

  • carlitowranjr
  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny says it’s 2013, who cares if someone is gay, straight, bi, on the fence, over the rainbow, crooked, sideways, old or new?
    Does it really matter?
    Whatever floats one’s boat.

  • cakeds

    I think by “gay” he means “happy”

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