Darren Young Talks About Overcoming A Speech Impediment At “Be A Star” Rally

Posted by Matt Boone August 16, 2013 3 Comments

WWE Superstar and one-half of The Prime Time Players tag-team, Darren Young, continues to make headlines for his decision to announce his sexual orientation during a recent interview with TMZ at an airport.

The same day Young spoke to TMZ, he also appeared at a “Be A Star” rally, where he made some more comments about the headline-grabbing announcement. “People told me that I would not be a WWE superstar, and I didn’t take no for an answer,” said Young.

Young continued, talking about overcoming a speech impediment. “I improved my speech and I’m living the dream. So (all I can) tell you is, if you have any types of disabilities, don’t (sell) yourself short.”

Read the full story online at PressTelegram.com.

  • WMintheNati

    hard to talk with a d!ck in your mouth Darren?

    • Kage

      Go away. Shoo.

      We don’t need your crap here.

    • brendon

      Really WMintheNati, grow up this is 2013. Some people are just f*?#&ing ignorant.

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