Dave Bautista Talks About MMA Debut Fight, Training, Future and More

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2012 1 Comment

Former WWE Superstar turned MMA Fighter Dave Bautista spoke with MMAJunkie after his victory over Vince Lucero Saturday Night. Here are some highlights.

On training with Stephan Bonnar: “I don’t know if [working with me] energized him, but the day he got the call for Anderson Silva, he came to practice the next day, and he beat the living hell out of me. And I think it’s because he put his game face on. It was a different Stephan Bonnar.”

On his performance: “I think Stephan Bonnar is going to be a little disappointed. He called me, and the two things he said was, ‘Keep your hands up and your chin down.’ And I did neither of those things. I think I was so nervous. … I was terrified walking out there.”

On his MMA career so far: “My head coach, Josh Rafferty, said, ‘We’re all so proud of you, you went through a two-month camp, you never bitched, you never complained, you showed up for every practice, you never asked for a practice off, you never asked for a round off, and you gave everything you have.’ And that meant more to me than getting my hand raised tonight.”

On Lucero taking the fight on short notice: “You’ve got to respect a guy for that,” Lucero said. “I had nothing to lose, and he had everything to lose, putting his name out there. How can you not respect that?”

On what he hopes to get out of his career: “Nothing. I do it because I love it. I have no ulterior motives. I think it’s obvious after tonight that I won’t be a world champion.”

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    • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.williams.509994 Nicholas Williams

      You know people may hate Batista for the way he left WWE (kayfabe), but that doesnt mean that his fan base shoudl follow and support him in his new career. Personally I wish Batista would come back to WWE (TNA just doesnt seem like it wold be the right fit for his already established wresting character), but if this is what makes him happy then its what he should be doing. He had a successful career as a wrestler, so now anything he does shouldnt be for just the money. He should do what makes him happy plain and simple. And a seperate comment on his last Q&A: With that kind of attitude you damn sure wont be a World Champion, no one is perfect on their first try at anything. Go look at your first wrestling match and compare it to WrestleMania 21, where you became the World Heavyweight Champion in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. All in all I will support Batista in his MMA career, the same as I did when he was in WWE.

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