Davey Richards Speaks On His WWE Tryout, Size Issue In WWE & More

The following are highlights of a new interview with Davey Richards:

On his experience in WWE at the Performance Center and NXT: “It was great. We were brought down and put in Billy Gunn’s class. He runs the advanced classes. It was fun and I can’t say enough good things about everyone there. The place is obviously unreal. I t was a good time but it was just different strokes for different folks. It was kind of creepy to me that everyone was walking on eggshells, everyone is really scared for their job. I don’t know. It wasn’t like everyone was having a whole lot of fun down there or maybe they’re just nervous because there’s a lot of eyes on you. Obviously what they are doing has been successful. They’re doing a great job with it. We were treated respectfully and we were taken care of.. I knew then and I know now that their schedule is not for me. I’m glad I got to experience it but I’m glad I found a home with TNA.”

On if he was surprised that WWE didn’t give him a big offer: “I don’t know. You never really know what they’re thinking. The original plan was to do three weeks of NXT and then go to Smackdown but then we got the email that basically what it said was you guys are great but we have a lot of Davey’s and Eddie’s right now. So we’d probably just put you in developmental to start out and we wouldn’t do that when you’ve already been around the world making a living so you’re free to pursue other interests. I thought at least they’re being honest because they could have been yeah, you’re in developmental and it’s going to be great. Then you’re down there for three years. I thought it was really respectful of them. Obviously it worked out for them and it worked out for us. We’re both happy. It didn’t really surprise me. I’m thankful for it.”

On if he’s surprised that size is still an issue in WWE: “Yeah, it’s an old world idea, it’s an old school mentality that’s just obsolete in my opinion. Case in point Daniel Bryan. Even (CM) Punk isn’t a big guy. I’m not saying there aren’t big guys who are over and making a lot of money but the case in point is I don’t think size is relevant. Obviously if you go out there looking like a 15 year-old kid it’s going to be kind of hard promoting that you’re beating someone up who’s 6’5”, 250 (pounds). But people know what an athlete looks like. There’s a lot of different guys who are great wrestlers and tough dudes and 100% athletes and size notwithstanding they’re entertaining and people are going to watch them. It’s just an outdated idea in my opinion.”

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