DDP On His WWE Stint: “They Didn’t Use Me Correctly”

Speaking to The Sun, Diamond Dallas Page says he has no regrets over the failed 2001 angle that saw him play a stalker who creepily tracked The Undertaker’s wife.

“It’s amazing to me how many people it bothered. They knew that I was a top guy and they didn’t use me correctly, but I agreed to it originally and that was a mistake,” Page says.

“Vince and Shane McMahon told me coming in that they had this great idea and I was going to be working with their number one babyface. I didn’t really like it because it was about me stalking someone else’s wife. I would look across the table at Kim [Page’s ex-wife, who posed for Playboy] and nobody could compare. It was ridiculous, it took out the believability factor.”

He continues, “I get fans telling me they were upset with how WWE treated me but I say, ‘Dude, let it go!’ I already achieved everything I ever dreamed of.”

After retiring from the squared circle, Page developed the wildly successful Yoga for Regular Guys Workout. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion says he recently cut a marketing and distribution deal with Warner Brothers that “would blow your mind.”

“But I’m only smart enough to cut that deal because I dropped the ball with WWE when I came in,” Page adds. “I dropped it, I don’t blame Vince. I’ve got a lot of respect for Vince and everything he has done for the business.

“There are so many guys that have negative, bad feelings after they retire. You’ve heard them. I’m not living that as I lived a dream on so many different levels.”