DDP Suggests Sherman-Crabtree WrestleMania Match, Schiavone Blogs On Subject

Diamond Dallas Page has landed on the TMZ website for his idea to match NFL stars Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree at WrestleMania following Sherman’s already-infamous post-game promo on Sunday night.

You can check out the TMZ story TMZ.com.

Speaking of the Sherman promo, former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone weighed-in on the story. Schiavone wrote about the pro wrestling influence on major sports, especially the NFL.

“So before you spit on the ground when someone talks about the WWE or professional wrestling, realize they have been at the forefront of what you see now from the NFL, the NBA, Fox, and ESPN. They have probably also been at the forefront of the decline in sportsmanship by fans,” Schiavone wrote on Monday. “And that is one of the reasons I always loved it so much.”

You can check out Schiavone’s complete blog at WSBRadio.com.