WWE Diva Layla Goes Blonde (Pictures)

Posted by Matt Boone December 6, 2012 21 Comments

WWE Diva Layla is now a blonde. She tweeted on Wednesday night:

“Loving my new hair I always wanted to be blonde!!!”

Check out the pictures:

[nggallery id=19]

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    • Franke

      No no no no no :( C’mon!!!

    • Two Cents

      I’m blond. Trust me, it’s not all that’s it’s cracked up to be.

    • TF37

      i’m partial to brunettes, but Layla is ridiculously hot as either a blonde or brunette. she’s still my favorite diva.

    • Papa Georgio

      Layla is smoking, blonde or brunette.

    • Layla is fit


    • Ron Simmons


    • Frank

      Lol Kelly Kelly trade her Blonde Hair to for Layla Brunette Hair! But look hot the way that before and both STILL look hot with there new looks!

    • l

      You can still see she her natural brunette color. She just added more blonde highlights. Similar to Kaitlyn’s blonde top & dark underneath. It’s trendy right now.

      • l

        It’s not like she dyed hair completely blond. It’s not really different how has been looking.

    • Rhawk

      I preferred her with darker hair, but whatever colour it is, Layla is still damn fine!

    • http://twitter.com/nicking616 nick

      lovin the clevage on number 2

    • The Real Deal

      I have no comment because I don’t like girls. Shit and stinky manbum is preferable.

      • AndesMoua

        You must be gay then?

      • The Real Deal

        I’ll smack your mother and then I’ll fuck her right after I smack her… So yeah I’m going to fuck your mother 40 dawg and N.W :-)

        • The Real Deal

          I enjoy talking to myself and fucking 40 dawg’s mother. I’m a motherfucker :)

          • The Real Deal

            Your right, I’m really a mother fucker, and I will fuck your mother 40 dawg ant N.W :-)

            • The Real Deal

              Who’s this 40 dawg I keep talking about? And why did I type ‘ant’ when I clearly meant ‘and’? I must forget how to speak English sometimes :-)

              Fuck your mother 40 dawg :-)

              I’m going to keep saying it 100000 more times even though no one else knows or cares who 40 dawg is!

    • ahndaewoong

      as long as she keeps that butt, i don’t care what color her hair is.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.


    • http://www.facebook.com/jervaughn.stewart Jervaughn Stewart


    • Wrestle4life

      Looking good, maybe you can help out some other divas with their hair.

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