Del Rio Removed From No Way Out Due To Concussion

Posted by Michael Bluth June 11, 2012 4 Comments

WWE announced through their Mobile Alert service Monday that Alberto Del Rio will be unable to face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out on June 17. A new No. 1 contender will be determined on tonight’s Raw SuperShow. The message reads:

“BREAKING NEWS: Due to a concussion on SmackDown, Del Rio wont face World Champion Sheamus @ No Way Out. New #1 contender to be named on tonight’s Raw (8/7 CT).”

Del Rio suffered a “serious concussion” at last Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Columbia, South Carolina. During a skirmish, Sheamus slammed Del Rio’s head against the metal WWE logo, leading to the injury. He was subsequently pulled from this past weekend’s SmackDown live event tour.

  • wil83les

    Sheamus vs Y2J!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Unspectacular Jermaine

      Sorry but that won’t happen, because Chris Jericho’s suspension runs through June 17th, and Randy Orton + Rey Mysterio are also suspended. My prediction is that Sheamus’s new contender will be either Mark Henry, the Miz, Sin Cara, or Wade Barrett. (WWE said Barrett’s rehab from injury would take about 4 months, and that was back in February)

  • Jermaine

    Sheamus’s new contender will probably be either the Miz, Mark Henry, or Sin Cara … hopefully its Sin Cara.

  • Sam

    sheamus vsDolph zigler

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