Detailed Backstage Update On CM Punk’s WWE Departure

Posted by Matt Boone January 30, 2014 72 Comments

Despite the fact that CM Punk is still included in the advertisements for WWE’s “Elimination Chamber” pay-per-view, and may continue to appear on some official WWE advertisements for upcoming live events in the future, the word within the company is that those will eventually be pulled.

In the past week, two different key people within WWE with knowledge of Punk’s situation, have noted that he was “as good as gone” from the company once his WWE deal expired in July. One person even claimed that Punk wouldn’t even last until the duration of his contract.

As far as the meeting between Punk and Vince McMahon backstage at RAW on Monday before he ultimately left and went home, one source noted that the meeting didn’t even take place until approximately 7:30pm.

The reason the Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio match went so long this past Monday night on RAW was because it took place during the period that Punk was originally scheduled to have a segment, and because he left, the two had to have their match go a second segment to cover the time.

Apparently there has been a working assumption within WWE creative for multiple weeks now that Punk was going to be leaving when his contract expired in July, and that he would not be signing a new deal at that time.

As things stand right now, Sheamus is scheduled to replace Punk on the bookings he had advertised for the SmackDown television tapings.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Derp

      WWE really fucked up.

      • Punkfan07

        Yes they did! Punk is one a one of a kind in his own way. He has the heart for it and is the best at what he does in my book.

    • charley ramirez

      Good Punk need to go somewhere where he’s treated like the Best In the World.

    • Farque

      Fuck CM punk,that little bitch is well known to be a primadonna and throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants, This is the end of his career, he is a talentless crybaby whom everyone jumps on the bandwagon with adoration because the audience is filled with 14 year old wannabe trend setters.

      • Reed Tillman

        Your just another WWE sheep. Wake up and watch a real wrestling company. Punk and Bryan are the most talented people they got. Punk is leaving and if they keep fucking with Bryan, he’s going to be gone. Punk isn’t done, there is a little wrestling company called Ring of Honor that is 100 times better than WWE ever could be.

        • Will $teel

          “ever could be” wrestling wise yes but production/entertainment wise it isnt even close. If ROH was so much better than WWE there would be ACTUAL competition. I wish ROH got more notoriety bcuz then the WWE would have to actually step up their game like during the monday night wars. But truthfully ROH has no star power. But I do agree with Punk & Bryan being the best in the WWE.

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          I’ve been watching ROH pretty regularly for the last few months and that place is a complete joke. All I hear about are the great matches they put on and maybe it’s just been a down few months for them but everything I’ve seen has been laughable. So if thats your bag, go ahead and keep it because this “sheep” will stick with the the garbage thats at least mildly entertaining.

          • yragcom1

            Man, I am sooooo jealous.I WISH I could watch ROH. I’d even take GLOW right now over WWE. But. in sunny SoCal, it’s WWE or nothing, IE TNA.

      • troll

        cm punk is a total cry baby. I’ve said this in an earlier post, but got tons of thumbs down. ya’ll must all be cry babies.

      • fuck you

        You’re a fucking retard. Go fuck your mother you down syndrome faggot. Just keep eating up everything you hear. If you think he’s talentless you don’t know what the fuck talent is

      • RIZWAN

        cm punk is the best in the world you son of a bitch

        • Jeremy

          He was never the best in the world, only in his head.

    • AM Real

      He took his ball and went home…right in a pivotal time in his career…The product has actually been getting better over all…HHH has a good vision and it seems like they are getting back to a Attitude renaissance. IMO Punk was very close to attaining “legend” status…shit like that takes time though, it takes the spotlight (main event) but also the side stories that give other ppl their time to shine but also shows you can captivate ppl without needing the belt or a “personal” grudge match/feud…Austin and the Rock were HUGE but even they were part of throw away story lines once in a while…in Punks defense though, this has been done by many other wrestlers throughout the years including HBK, Undertaker and Austin

      • Adam

        HHH is only where He is because of being married to Vince’s Daughter

        • AM Real

          That has nothing to do with anything now…it’s well documented that even before marrying Stephanie HHH had a lot of pull in the company. Everyone knows that marrying the boss’ daughter got him even more power BUT with all that said and done HHH is “best for business” when he’s at the top of the totem poll cause his job is safe so he won’t have to bury ppl or politic to keep his job…all he does now is focus on how to move the COMPANY forward and not just himself

          • anthony j

            I disagree, HHH is only in the position he is at because of his wife. I didnt really care for his title runs, maybe a long time ago yeah but he was never that good for 13 runs as champion. Look at Stone Cold, many would say he is the best of all time and he didnt have that many championship runs.

            • AM Real

              I never said I liked HHH the wrestler…and with the subject matter at hand I’m not sure what his title reigns have to do with anything?

            • Delb0y

              Being a champion does not mean you are the best wrestler out there.

        • SaMa

          and basically he’s one of the good ass kissers of Vince.

      • nwo crap

        That’s b.s! The product is still the same with the wwe universe revolving around cena, just listen to the crowd. All along giving the same mid card matches with the same endings. I hate fake wrestling fans.

        • Derp.

          nwo crap; The WWE universe is not revolving around Cena right now AT ALL, if anything despite his feud with Orton he is kind of in the background at the moment, Bryan is what the universe is revolved around. Not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that Cena is not the top dog right now.

          • AM Real

            Exactly! It’s all about Bryan, punk, the shield, the Wyatts, the Usos, ziggler etc etc things are getting alot better

            • yragcom1

              Bryan. That same guy that jobbed to Orton at SummerSlam 2013?

              Punk. That same guy that was over Cena at Summer Slam 2011, and got put on the back burner afterwards?

              The Shield. You mean the same group that the WWE is trying to disband for a Roman Reigns push right now?

              The Wyatts. Oh, those guys who were in that stupid two-week angle with Daniel Bryan that fell apart and went nowhere a few weeks ago?

              The Usos. Those guys that WWE put on the backburner in favor of two tags teams belt changes in the last three months, of which three of four members were wrestling in the Attitude Era?

              Ziggler. That guy who had a Money In The Bank title shot, and who works harder that anyone, and I mean ANYONE in the company, and didn’t get a belt or a title shot after almost a year of holding the case?

              Yeah, I can see where you get the idea that things are a lot better.

              Gimme a break. The WWE writers should all go back to the monkey cage they came from, and stop wasting the fans’ time.

            • Jeremy

              Bryan did not job to Orton you retard.

            • yragcom1

              Keep your snarkiness to yourself. The result is the same. Bryan should have been champ, and at the end of the night, he wasn’t. Here’s a lesson for you. If Bryan and Orton fought, and Bryan lost, he jobbed to him. That’s what happened.

              And lay off the namecalling.

        • AM Real

          Self hate won’t get you anywhere man

      • yragcom1

        “The product has actually been getting better over all….” WHAT?


        • AM Real

          Compared to what it has been in recent years ya….

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny asks, The product is getting better? Wtf have you been watching?

        • AM Real


      • SaMa

        do you even really think that Batista deserved that Royal Rumble match win?
        he basically just returned on the last RAW before the PPV and he still wins, hence people were boo-ing him.

        • AM Real

          I have no problem with people booing Batista, I’m not a fan of his RR win either but we’re getting to that fine line between smarks and fans

      • Ted Gal

        Undertaker when ?

        • AM Real

          Well I guess that one was a work

      • Nashole

        Wow, I can’t believe that anyone feels the product is improving. With all of these dinosaurs coming back and taking titles and the top spots from guys who have been busting their ass for months its feeling a lot like TNA did when they started their decline.

    • Praga

      Whenever He Leave I am Going To Stop Watching WWE

      • Punkfan07

        It’s sad to say I’m at that point also. Here lately I watch long enough to see his matches. He’s the Best

      • Secret Rivals

        I bet you wont (and Vince knows that!)

    • TheMachineX2

      if he went to TNA that would be HUGE. I think Dixie would give him a nice contract plus the benefits of be able to be home more.

      • Ice

        CM Punk isn’t stupid to go to that sinking ship

        • Aboat time!

          Yeah that would be a Titanic sized fail. (See what I did there) ;D

      • Ryinshin Engreso

        he’d rather go to ROH than TNA.

        TNA is the shit, literally.

    • Kralizec77

      Whether its a work or not, fact is WWE creative are gonna have to “work” this into storylines anyway. Its a half-work.

      • reedtillman

        Not everything a work, wake up!

    • D

      Good riddance.

    • Punk fan

      Good for you Punk, good for you. Stick to your beliefs and stay legit.

    • jessan

      Believe it or not, the WWE will survive without him. It always finds its own way to recover from a loss of talent. See Austin, Hogan, HBK & The Rock. It may take some time but it will. It’s the just the nature of this business- people come and go.

    • Punk fanxxx

      Go to TNA and reinvent that place punk.

    • James Fullard

      GOD! TNA please pick this man up!!!

    • AftynMarie

      Punk, go to ROH with AJ Styles!!!! That’d be bad-ass!!!!!

    • Ben Jackson

      I don’t watch WWE any more, its so boring. Same matchs over and over and over, and I got tired of Raw and Smackdown shows just being advertizements for the PPV’s. Thats all those shows are is to build up to the next PPV. So I lost interests in it. If they don’t change I hope they go out of business, but the WWE fans are stupid to just settle for that crap week in and week out. Really how many Cena and Orton matches are they going to have? Can’t they mix it up some dam its so boring that I would rather watch grass grow. Now they are losing big names to boot, I didn’t like Punk but he told them how it was and I can respect that. If they don’t change I’ll never go back to watching it.

    • Janay Royster

      Hopefully, he will resign and get what he wants. It would suck for another excellent wrestler to leave. I don’t think Batista show be in the main event of Wrestle Mania…he need to prove to the fans he still is the “Animal” from 4 years ago. There are guys there that need that main event push ie Daniel Bryan, Punk, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Antiono Cesario etc. The Attitude era is over, so let’s get over that..that era had to happen to beat’s PG now, deal with it. I don’t mind seeing Orton and Cena, but the younger guys are going to be the ones that are the future of the company/business. Let’s give them more of the lime light and hire some new writers to come up with some fresh storylines; all titles need to change hands. I don’t think the entire shows are boring, it’s just the same think weekly. However, WWE is not that weird cluster-f#!k TNA (Total Nonsense Action). God help them.

      • Derp.

        Punk needs a main event push? Punk has been main event status for a very long time now. How long was he wwe champion? Over 400 days, he had the sixth longest title reign in wwe history. Daniel Bryan is so over the only problem is that they keep putting him into bogus storylines rather than letting his talent shine. But he is still main event status, and they have pushed him quite a bit in the last 1-2 years. As for the other people you mentioned, you’re right, but for those two you couldn’t be farther off. Also, as for younger guys, Punk is only a year younger than Cena, and Bryan and Orton are only a year apart as well. Punk has had a monster push the last 1-2 years, he has main evented ppv’s, he has main evented raw many times, the only thing he hasn’t done is main event WM, but he has been in matches that were main event worthy at Mania. He’s had his time, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time left and if he isn’t going to be treated as the BITW like he believes he is, he’s going to jump ship to somewhere that will recognize his talent, while he still has the time left.

        • Janay Royster

          Yes. Daniel is a main eventer, but he needs a legit title run /reign. Also, I’m not saying Punk needs a main event push…he is a main eventer. It looked like his storyline was going to have him face Triple H /Authority at WM. I guess he wasn’t happy with that angle and he wanted to be in the main event. He had his champ time and I am sure that he would get another shot just not right now…its somebody else’s time. Its just apart of the business…lets not turn WWE into WCW by letting the wrestlers write their own storylines. Also, if you saw his Dvd, he is not the easiest person to get along with this is the first he was not happy with his contract and walked away….I think its his thing, I leave they chase until I get what I want. Honestly I think it makes him look bad. You have abandoned you fans and it makes you seem spoiled. At the end of the day, Punk is gone,believe it or WWE will survive without him.

    • king

      WWE UNIVERSE it is time to do RIOTS. boycott the ppv shows, wwe house shows,
      stop buying wwe DVDs. let show the AUTHORITY & that Ol’ Vince that
      we can change wwe’s fate like TNA. WE WANT CM PUNK at WM XXX against
      D-Bryan at main event. WWE fans if u donot take any action right now then HHH will
      bury Daniel Bryan next & put Cena again as “Main Event Playa”

    • king

      fans it is time to do RIOTS. boycott the ppv shows, wwe house shows,
      stop buying wwe DVDs. let show the AUTHORITY & that Ol’ Vince that
      we can change wwe’s fate like TNA. WE WANT CM PUNK at WM XXX against
      D-Bryan at main event. WWE fans if u donot take any action then HHH will
      bury Bryan next.

      • D

        See you back next Monday.

      • Dan Nighteowl

        We will riot for you in Vancouver . It comes naturally for us !!

      • yragcom1

        I always leave WWE and watch TNA. I watch for 10-20 minutes.

        Then I cry.

        Then I wish GLOW was still on.

        Then I tune in to RAW again.

        And the vicious cycle goes on and on…

    • darryl

      down like sydrome huh

      • Will $teel

        haha thats a sick lyric from The Marshal Mathers LP. Track called “remember me.” Classic

    • John Smith

      I call bullshit. CM Punk’s Superstar profile is still up on

    • jayzee

      punk blows anyhow , piss on him

    • Herp

      Maybe some more insight, but not much else to say.

    • Jimmy McCallum

      Punk is an extremely talented individual, and one of the best all round performers the wwe has had in some time, both on the mic and in the ring. But, in my personal opinion, his character/persona was wearing a bit thin. His whole anti-authority deal works on a lot of levels, but i would have liked to of seen him move past that and evolve into more than the guy who get’s over by putting heat on and talking trash about “The Authority” or the system so to speak. The rebel thing is cool, worked for no one more than Austin, so i get it, it just felt a bit over done. Almost like every week he would get on the mic and use the same promo every week, how he is the best and no one can tell him what to do and that he does what he wants. As i said, tremendous talent, easily in the top few best of this ‘era’. He will be back at some point, of that i am certain, but from all reports the guy’s body is just failing, he’s beat up/sore/bruised/injured/tired and just genuinely not loving what he does anymore. It’s becoming a job and not a passion.I admire the fact that he knows his heart is not in it, so he steps away, losing big money and potentially a huge portion of his peaking and great career. I respect the man, gives 100%,, like him as a guy from what i have seen outside of the ring, he just seems like the sort of guy that takes things very personally. He was the biggest star in wrestling 12 months ago, and now it looked like once again he was going to miss out on the top Mania spot, which looks to be half filled by part-timer Batista, and that would really hurt Punk i think. Wish him all the best, hope he takes 6-8 months off, recharges, refreshes, finds some peace, get’s healthy and eventually makes an epic, and successful return to the business that he loves, and that will surely miss him.

    • Honest Abe

      Cm punk was in the dark match at raw in Omaha!!!

    • Secret Rivals

      No one is owed a mania main event, kinda pissed off at this news, i love Punk, but if Ziggler can stick it out…why not just steal the show in the mid card with him….sounds abit Hogan esque this (or Shawn or Ausitn..every other guy who has taken the ball home cus they dont like booking!)
      wwe made him a millionaire and household name…he could have given them 3 more months….he had the titl3e for a yeat….in his head its always his turn and no one elses….wwe has to big a rosta for Hogans or Punks to be making demands.
      enjoy the indies punk! im sure you carve out whatever creative path you want in ROH (Oh actually AJ is back and he was always a much bigger deal in ROH than punk was so …maybe not?)
      Again i was mad on Punk (summer of Punk in ROH! fro the win)
      i do wonder how many people saying ‘this sux wwe is stupid’ have actually ever watched Punk in ROH…if not then thers tons of punk footage to keep you happy….dont worry (his in ring work in wwe was nothing close to whay he did with Joe in ROH int here series! go watch that, WWE is awful anyway!

    • Secret Rivals

      Hunico will now be playing the role of CM Punk in all upcoming wwe events lol

    • Jeremy

      I swear only on the internet can someone who had his own fucking tour bus, get paid 6 figures, and had a 400+ day title reign be considered screwed over. Morons.

    • Delb0y

      There was no kofi v ADR on raw. Kofi was in tag match and ADR tried to mess with batista

    • Delb0y

      Is WWE bring next stars forward because all the top guy are getting banged up. Sheamus is clearly not 100%. Is bringing back Mark Henry too soon?

    • anonymous1

      Glad he’s gone. And seriously as self centered rude and cocky as he is I find it stunning everyone ‘rides his dick’ fucking tools you all are. Enjoy his dick hell be enjoying his life WITHOUT YOU

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