Detailed Post-RAW Notes Involving CM Punk Battling With Heyman/Ryback/Axel

Following the televised portion of Monday’s WWE RAW show from Chicago, Illinois, the hometown boy CM Punk came out and did the “Yes!” chant to Daniel Bryan and patted him off. Afterward, Punk cut a promo about how he felt like garbage, but that he was still here and still wanted to fight. He challenged anyone to come out to take a Chicago-beatdown from him.

Paul Heyman, Ryback and Curtis Axel all came down and surrounding the ring. Jerry “The King” Lawler then assisted Punk by handing him a kendo stick. Punk beat up Ryback and Axel with the kendo stick and then held Heyman down with his foot. He managed to blast Heyman with two shots to the back with the kendo stick before Ryback and Axel came to his rescue.

Ryback went to throw Axel into Punk in the corner of the ring, but missed, and Axel went flying out to the floor. Punk kicked Ryback down to the mat and then grabbed a steel chair. Punk hit Ryback with two hard chair-shots to the back before Ryback fled the scene.

After that, Punk set his sights on Axel. He threw Axel into the ringside barricade. The crowd then began chanting for Punk to hit Axel with his GTS finishing move. Punk blasted Axel with a steel chair and then played to the crowd before ultimately hitting him with the GTS spot that they so badly craved.

Additionally, a fan threw Punk a Chicago White Sox hoodie. Punk made a frown-face, shook his head, and threw it back. Another fan threw Punk a Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews jersey, which he accepted.