Details On AMC Networks Expressing Interest In Purchasing WWE

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2014 13 Comments

WWE spiked 7% on Thursday afternoon based on a rumor that AMC Networks is interested in buying the company.

In the midst of WWE’s ongoing TV rights fees negotiations, AMC has been one of the companies interested in WWE programming, along with and Viacom and FOX.

Financial blog Betaville was the first source to report on the news of AMC being interested in purchasing WWE:

“Good sources tell me cable group AMC Networks has been sniffing around World Wrestling Entertainment Inc, the US-listed company behind those ridiculous wrestling programmes, such as WWF, Raw and Smackdown.

AMC Networks has held at least one exploratory conversation with WWE – which saw its shares rise by about 30pc during last week – about some kind M&A transaction in recent months, according to “people familiar with the matter”. However, the talks are understood to have not gone anywhere.

Another source said bankers from UBS have been advising AMC Networks, owner of Sundance TV, on a potential deal and financing options.

This well-placed source said any transaction may value WWE at between $2.6 and $2.8bn.”

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    • Lee Macko

      I do think the writer of this article means buying the “Rights” to WWE Shows, not buying the WWE. The WWE is not for sale as far as I know, and I’m guessing as long as the McMahons are around it never will be.

    • SABU

      Vince will NEVER EVER sell his baby, Retards.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny just can’t see AMC running Gone With The Wind, A Wonderful Life, The Wizard Of Oz, etc. with the WWE.
      The McMahon family will hold on to the WWE as tightly as Vince holds on to his grapefruits.

      • Jeremy Grunloh

        Did you fall asleep in the 90s and just woke up today? AMC, as you’re thinking of it, hasn’t existed for a very long time.

        Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men… right a bell?

        • P.P. Johnny

          P.P. Johnny don’t sleep, he just hasn’t watched AMC in years. Today’s TV shows don’t have that much appeal.

    • charley ramirez

      The only thing i see good if AMC did buy WWE, is Way Better Storylines. But i doubt Vince is going to sell the one thing he was worked his whole life to build.

    • Bulkster

      If AMC has that kind of money to throw around, they should just start a new company from scratch. Over pay a couple of big names. Put on some good shows, and see what happens.

      • tommy

        and let vince russo run creative!!

        • joshidanger

          Can his assistant be Bischoff? (grabs nuts and coughs)

    • Pinmepayme

      I can’t see the WWE on AMC. By the time they finish toning it down, might as well watch reruns of the flowers shop with Adrian Adonis.

      • Jeremy Grunloh

        Did you fall asleep in the 90s and just woke up today? The AMC you’re thinking of hasn’t existed for a very long time. Today, AMC is the home of the best strictly-for-adults dramas on basic cable. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men… right a bell?

        If WWE were to be out of place on AMC, it would be because it’s too lowbrow.

    • Matt

      It’s the WWE

    • joshidanger

      There are a lot of companies that hace expressed interest in this. However in my opinion, this company outside of the hands of a McMahons is doomed to fail. Trust me. AMC would probably bring in Eric Bischoff.

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