Details On Batista’s SummerSlam Opponent, Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes Update

Posted by Matt Boone March 8, 2014 9 Comments

- According to one source, the three names that were initially listed internally for opponents for Batista at this year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view were Daniel Bryan, John Cena or CM Punk. With Punk no longer actively working with the company, the latest word is that it will still be either Bryan or Cena facing “The Animal” in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

– The latest word going around WWE is that there will not be a “brother vs. brother” match between Goldust and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XXX.


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    • Tchokepov

      Now we know that Batista will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!!!…That kills the “punch” for WM30 a bit…..

    • RasslinGenius69

      I can guarantee you with the low ass buyrates the 200 pound troll goat face drew last year he will be nowhere close to the main event

      • RealDeal

        And you think that Batista will do a better job.. He gets booed at every show he appears at. The WWE universe did not want him back. As far as buyrates and ratings go, then that’s the WWE’s fault for spending the last 10 years marketed the majority of their product to kids. Stupid kids who whine and cry when John Cena doesn’t appear despite the fact that his matches are snooze fests.. The majority of today’s WWE fans are complete morons engrossed in pop culture and wouldn’t know a great match if they saw one. Daniel Bryan is a true WWE Wrestler and superstar. The current WWE universe is too moronic to actually appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts in. They want instant gratification and pop culture mindless nonsense.

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny would to thank the a-holes at the WWE for making Boo-tista the champ at WM XXX & letting us endure his title reign until SummerSlam or longer. This calls for a round of Pink Slips at WWE Headquarters on Monday. Bravo!

      • Stuart Moulding

        Agree, the fact we knew who was gonna win the Rumble completely drained the event of any sparkle now it looks like WMXXX will be the same

    • Pinmepayme

      Got to keep the title in the HHH family. X-Pac will come back and win it next!

    • Derp

      Good way to protest Boo-tista’s win, don’t buy the PPV, and don’t go to the event…or at least walk out during Orton vs. Boo-tista.

    • bleek

      What about brock vs batista instead?

    • Will $teel

      yall been complainin bout Orton bein champ, but now that Batista is gonna b champ, Orton will look like he had the charisma of The Rock haha

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