Details On Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards’ Unique Relationship With WWE

PHOTOS of The AMERICAN PITBULLS in NXT – Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards

At last night’s WWE NXT tapings from Winter Park, Florida, former Ring of Honor tag team champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards made their NXT in-ring debuts as the American Pitbulls.

Rob Feinstein, the original owner of Ring of Honor has revealed the details behind Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards’ unique relationship with WWE.

In a Facebook post, Feinstein revealed that The Pitbulls are NOT signed to a WWE contract, but will be working in NXT at and the Performance Center. After a few months, WWE will give them a chance on Smackdown to see if they can get over. If they do, they’ll get signed. Feinstein wrote:

“Here is the deal with them. I knew about this about a month ago but out of respect to all parties involved I felt it was not in my best interest to say anything….They have not been hired by the WWE. In fact Joey Matthews and Steven Regal had to push for them to get looked at because HHH does not want anymore “top Indy” guys and actually said he already has “so and so”, who I will not name and his stance was why would I need another two that are already like him when we already have a few of that kind of person.”

“HHH feels that guys from ROH and PWG are hard to transform because they have their set ways and its harder for them to break them down and remold which I understand. So the deal with them is that they are not under contract. They reported to NXT this week and actually have a few other dates that they are still going to work for since they are prior bookings. They are also going to keep them as a tag team and after a few months I have been told they are going to Smackdown as a tag team to see if they get over….If they do get over they will get offered a contract.”

Richards and Edwards are still scheduled to work for Ring of Honor’s Final Battle event on December 14th, where they are rumored to be facing Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal.