Details On Fans Being Kicked Out Of Monday’s RAW For Holding Up Signs

Posted by Matt Boone February 27, 2014 9 Comments

Apparently WWE kicked two fans out of Monday’s RAW in Green Bay, Wisconsin for holding up what were deemed inappropriate signs. One fan noted that he gave his “Randy Savage for WWE Hall Of Fame” sign to the person sitting next to him and felt bad when that person was kicked out with him.

Other signs that were reportedly deemed a problem by security were ones that read, “Ronda Rousey can armbar John Cena and make him tap” and “Less Talk, More Wrestling.” One of the fans also had a sign that said CM Punk was right when he said the UFC is better than WWE.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Will $teel

      this is absolutely the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Kicked out for a Randy Savage for hall of fame sign? R u fuckin kiddin me? What is wrong wit that!?!? He SHOULD b in da hall of fame. fuckin joke. N the 1 bout rhonda rosey was tru, Cena would tap like a bitch

    • D

      Fuck ‘em. Toss ‘em out, along with all the “hijackers” out there who don’t know how to conduct themselves.

      • D

        My penis looks like a mushroom from Super Mario Bros.

        • Carl Winslow

          Because it’s spotted?

          • D

            Because it gets bigger when you grab it.

            • D

              Too bad nobody has ever grabbed it except me!

    • bleek

      Rhonda Rousey > john cena

    • Tommy A

      Freedom of speech? What is up with that? ???????

      • Rog

        I was actually call on that. Since I’m not from US I don’t know all the laws but is it ok for WWE to throw people out since none of the signs were offensive?

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