Details On ECW Unreleased Vol. 2, 2013 Mid-Atlantic Fanfest Available On iPPV

-WWE will be releasing “ECW Unreleased Volume 2” worldwide (and in the official Store) this Tuesday. The DVD and Blu-ray set will be hosted by ECW originals Joey Styles and Tommy Dreamer. Below is a full rundown of what fans can expect from the release:

Disc 1:

We Are Back!

Tommy Dreamer vs. Tazmaniac
Hardcore TV * October 19, 1993

Terry Funk & Arn Anderson vs. Sabu & Bobby Eaton
When Worlds Collide * May 14, 1994

Hardcore Legends

Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk
Hardcore Heaven * August 13, 1994

“I Quit” Match
Tommy Dreamer vs. The Sandman
Hardcore TV * October 4, 1994

Wrestling Machines

Eddie Guerrero & The Steiner Brothers vs. 2 Cold Scorpio, Dean Malenko & Cactus Jack
Wrestlepalooza * August 5, 1995

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer
Holiday Hell * December 29, 1995

The Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas
House Party * January 5, 1996

Disc 2:

A Good Idea At The Time

Extreme Hardcore Shoot Fight
Chris Jericho vs. Taz
Lost Battalion Hall * April 13, 1996

ECW World Television Championship Match
2 Cold Scropio vs. Shane Douglas
A Matter of Respect * May 11, 1996

The Flagstaff

Sabu vs. Chris Jericho
Plymouth Meeting, PA * August 29, 1996

Dick Togo, Terry Boy & Taka Michinoku vs. Gran Hamada, Gran Naniwa & Great Sasuke
Hardcore TV * March 27, 1997

Tag Team Wrestling Done Right

Three Way Dance for ECW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Eliminators vs. The Gangstas vs. The Dudleys
The Buffalo Invasion * May 17, 1997

Disc 3:

Real Heat

The Sandman, Taz, Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow vs. Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon
Hardcore TV * January 5, 1998

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Shane Douglas vs. Al Snow
Wrestlepalooza * May 3, 1998

ECW World Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Candido & Lance Storm vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam
Hardcore TV * June 29, 1998

A Real Clash of Styles

Three Way Dance for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sabu vs. Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
ECW Arena * August 8, 1998

ECW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Dudleys vs. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney
Hardcore TV * August 23, 1999

Stepping Up

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mike Awesome vs. Rhino
ECW on TNN * October 1, 1999

Extreme Three Way Dance
Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Super Crazy
November to Remember * November 7, 1999

The Ultimate Underdog

ECW World Television Championship Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Mikey Whipwreck
ECW on TNN * January 28, 2000

Three Way Dance for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Steve Corino
ECW on TNN * September 29, 2000

End of an Era

Blu-ray Exclusives:

911 vs. Doink the Clown
Hardcore TV * August 27, 1994

Steel Cage Match
The Sandman, 2 Cold Scorpio & New Jack vs. The Public Enemy & Mikey Whipwreck
Gangsta’s Paradise * September 16, 1995

Four Way Dance for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Terry Funk vs. Raven vs. Stevie Richards vs. The Sandman
The Buffalo Invasion * May 17, 1997

The Dudleys vs. The Public Enemy
Detroit, Michigan * January 23, 1999

Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm
Hardcore Heaven * May 16, 1999

Japanese Death Match
Super Crazy vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri
Hardcore TV * February 11, 2000

DVD Runtime: 7 hours and 14 minutes
Blu-ray Runtime: 8 hours and 52 minutes

-The annual Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Fanfest returns this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Fanfest will begin this Thursday, and will run through Sunday evening.

Among those scheduled to appear as featured guests throughout the four days the Fanfest is in town are: Ole Anderson, Lars Anderson, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Les Thatcher, The Rock N’ Roll Express, Jim Cornette, The Midnight Express, Johnny Powers, Danny Miller, Leilani Kai, Susan Green, “Dr.” Tom Prichard, Rich Landrum, Bob Caudle, Mr. Wrestling II, Tully Blanchard, Ivan Koloff, Tiger Conway Jr., Denny Brown, Gerald Brisco, Ken Patera, Manny Fernandez, Baron Von Raschke, The Kernodles, The Mulkeys, Jerry Jarrett, Tommy Angel, Tommy Young, Moondog Rex and Scrappy McGowan.

All of the events scheduled for the Fanfest this weekend will be available for the first time ever on iPPV. For more information, visit