Details On Hogan’s Rough Divorce, Matt Hardy Update

— A new story about Hulk Hogan’s financial state since his divorce from Linda Hogan was finalized has been posted on Some of the details coming out of the divorce are below:

* Linda got over 70% of Hulk’s cash savings…specifically, she got $7.44 million of the total $10.41 million in various bank and investment accounts. This left Hulk with $2.97 million in savings.

* Hogan then had to pay $3 million in a property settlement, and agreed to give Linda 40% ownership in his companies.

* The two will be splitting the money that comes from the sales of their homes in Clearwater Beach and Belleair, Florida.

* Linda got to keep free and clear a Mercedes-Benz, a Rolls-Royce, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette and various off-road vehicles.

— As of this writing, former WWE/TNA star Matt Hardy is still in jail in Moore County, N.C. jail on $1 million bond. He was arrested on Saturday morning after being kicked out of court-ordered rehab this past Friday. It appears that neither his girlfriend nor his brother, Jeff Hardy, are bailing him out.

He is scheduled for court on November 28th in a Moore County District Court.