Details On Paul Heyman’s New Client, Big E. Langston’s Babyface Turn & More

Posted by Matt Boone September 16, 2013 7 Comments

Based on Sunday night’s WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view, it appears as though Ryback is the new Paul Heyman client that has been rumored for a while now.

As noted previously, there was discussion internally in WWE of using an unknown from NXT as a new “Paul Heyman guy,” while the other options were moving either Ryback or Big E. Langston over to the Heyman crew. It appears that WWE is turning Langston babyface, and decided to go with Ryback as Heyman’s new client. If that is the case, you can expect it to be confirmed on RAW tonight.

For those who missed it, Ryback came to the aid of Heyman after CM Punk beat Curtis Axel in the Handicap Elimination match, which was also made a no-disqualification rules match during the Night Of Champions Kickoff Show.

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    • Cody Schields


    • anthony j

      I still wouldn’t mind on RAW Triple H asks who has the balls to interfer with him, Orton and the Shield. Only to lead Brock Lesnar to come out and destroy the Sheild and Triple H and Orton running to the back. There are rumors putting the belt back around Lesnar and that would be a good match between him and Orton.

      • it doesnt matter

        instead of brock it would of been cool if it was the return of goldberg i mean he always had a fued with hhh and then thing of the ratings for wwe and then at wm we could get hhh vs goldberg or randy vs goldberg or even stone cold vs goldberg

        • Joseph Parks

          how about having roidberg (ryback) to challenge hhh and have him save the day. But guess what super cena is going to save the day. yaaay cena!

          • Ice

            it’ll be cool if ryback appears to save the day and HHH, randy, and the shield just looking around while HHH says “Just you” and ryback just replies no, and hear Goldberg theme play.

        • Gramma Police

          *Would Have. Would of isn’t a thing.

      • Guest485857634638489

        No. Just no. The last thing they need is to make Brock Lesnar anything resembling a face. Lesnar is at his best when he is a mindless killing machine that could out of nowhere shoot break someone’s legs. Also Lesnar doesn’t need a belt to get heat. Also just so I don’t have to make tons of comments on this thread, no Goldberg either. Goldberg is an egotistical has been who has no business main eventing anything, let alone Mania.

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