Details On Post-HIAC PPV Plans, Reason For Recent Creative Slump In WWE

Posted by Matt Boone October 10, 2013 6 Comments

-According to one source, WWE was originally going to focus on a Big Show vs. Randy Orton feud following the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view on October 27th. Apparently, the new plan is for WWE to promote a three-way program that features Big Show vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan.

-Several people within WWE are of the opinion that ever since Eric Pankowski left the company before this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, the creative direction has gone downhill.

After a lengthy career in Hollywood, Pankowski was hired by WWE in February of 2012 as the Senior Vice President of Creative and Development. Many credited Pankowski with the great creative run that WWE experienced over the past year, and feel that direction has suffered since his departure from the company.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Ace Boogie

      WWE Sucks they waste to much talent and they push the wrong wrestlers I rather watch old Attitude Era, WCW 96-99, Old ECW 97-2000, and Ruthless Aggression Era then this piece of shit wrestling that goes on now

      • guest123

        then don’t watch, it’s not going to go back to how it was, so either accept it, or go watch TNA.

        • Umadbro

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          • guest123

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            • Umadbro

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        • Ace Boogie

          STFU i bet your the one of those Fags that support Cena you scrub

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