Details On What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air On Monday Night

Posted by Matt Boone October 1, 2013 5 Comments

Despite two matches being scheduled as post-show dark match main events for this week’s edition of WWE RAW in Biloxi, Mississippi, no matches took place after the camera’s stopped rolling on Monday night. For those wondering how the live audience was sent home after the television portion of the evening wrapped up on Monday, here’s what went down.

WWE Superstar CM Punk came out to make the save for Daniel Bryan. This led to both Ryback and Curtis Axel running down to assist Randy Orton. As the heels starting gaining the advantage again, The Uso’s and Dolph Ziggler made a run-in to help out the babyfaces. All of the faces performed their finishing moves on the heels to send the fans home happy.

For those wondering what happened before the camera’s started rolling on Monday’s RAW, check out the WWE Superstars taping results, which are up on the main page right now.

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    • skulhead2a

      Why is it you open a “Chat Room” during RAW and post After RAW notes, but no RAW Results?! I’m curious as to what happened (and I’ll look it up), but I haven’t watched an actual episode in weeks.

      • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

        i agree! i cant read the results anymore and its really annoying

        • Mr 561

          Anybody want to write a weekly RAW report? We had a writer for it but he bailed .. We’re looking for a new RAW Report writer

          • Omega

            I’d give it a go.

        • Ice

          It also sucks, since the raw review report pages, i always used to like to see the fans critiques and comments about the show. But the chatroom thing is annoying, since i’m going to be sitting reading the chat and watching the tv at the same time.

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