Details On WWE Creative’s Plan For Ric Flair

Posted by Brad Davis June 5, 2012 10 Comments

According to sources in WWE, the creative team is currently discussing different on-air roles for Ric Flair. The most popular option has been using Flair as a manager for Dolph Ziggler. Mason Ryan has been acting as Ziggler’s body guard at recent live events and will begin accompanying Ziggler to the ring on television soon in the event that Flair’s negotiations fall through.

WWE plans to negotiate a legends contract and possibly a talent contract for the 16-time World champion. It’s worth noting that people in WWE are concerned with Flair’s advanced age as well as his tendency to break from the script and go into business for himself.

While it appears likely that Flair will be back in WWE in the coming months, nothing has been signed yet and TNA’s recent lawsuit against WWE could pose issues for Flair jumping ship.

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    • hooting hooters hooting

      flair for gm??

    • AreYouSeriousBro

      Oh god…please do not let this man wrestler. When Flair gets in the ring, it is very depressing and a little bit gross. Anyone else agree? The guy is a legend, and it would be awesome to have him come back as a manager. But please, PLEASE do not let him wrestle.

      • Wrestlehead

        I totally agree. Not only is it gross, but also slightly pathetic. I doubt WWE will do this though because they gave him a bigger retirement sendoff than any other wrestler ever got. I do agree though that he would be awesome as a manager.

      • hooting hooters hooting

        They probably will just have flair in a suit and have him throw in a cheap shot when the ref isnt looking and go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
        at least thats what im hoping for. I dont want to see his wrinkley skin either

    • legend>last hurrah

      nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! stfu and go home and retire!! you’re defacing your legendary status and are looking like a joke of a has been.. hang it up flair.. PLEASE!!!!!

    • Ice

      Oh Thank God!!!!!! Lets see more of Flair and less of Vickie on Dolph ZIgglers side

    • mistico

      Flair had the best retirement send off imaginable. Please honor it Flair and stay out of the ring!

      • smirk

        hopefully WWE will never let him damage the great send off by letting him get in a ring… not to mention at his age, even elbow dropping a jacket could be fatal…

    • welcome back

      Maybe hell start a next generation version of evolution or something. He shouldn’t wrestle anymore but he would be a great manager or have him start so ethibg with laryngitis as far as for raw GM spot or something

    • The Miz

      flair: woooooooooooooo
      ryder:woo woo woo

      flair should be zack ryder manager..

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