Details On People Unhappy Backstage At Survivor Series On Sunday Night

Posted by Matt Boone November 26, 2013 13 Comments

According to one source backstage at the WWE Survivor Series show in Boston on Sunday night, at approximately the 90-minute mark of the show, when the only thing trending on Twitter was Bret Hart, there were apparently several unhappy people.

While the real higher-ups in the company had bigger fish to fry at that point with such a big event going on, other officials in the company were said to be in a bad mood over the company’s inability to get stuff to trend past the NFL game and music awards show on at the time.


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    • Vitorio

      Crappy title matches did not help. I am being a bit harsh because you got me used to better when Danielson and Punk were holders. Bret Hart and Dynamite kid introduced me to a crisp, fast style. Looks more realistic when you can’t see slow contact. My fault for not being a slow, methodical big man fan. Even though Big E is relatively fast, my fault for not being in to him and Reigns. Crisp speed was also Austin, Rock and Undertaker. Punches and kicks looked crisp and ferocious (real reason for Bryan’s popularity and why Tyson Kidd not there).

      • Guest

        I don’t recall Austin being a particularly fast much less athletic guy compared to Undertaker back in the day

    • Mr 561

      “Boohoo, we’re not trending” … They should be crying about the booking and the crowd reaction during the main event

      • Guest

        Let’s be realistic here even when they were more people watching WWE there were still much more people watching the NFL and anything else that interested them more than wrestling and plus who the hell gives a damn about what’s trending on Twitter anyway?

    • GoodThings2Life

      Not trending lately… gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with bad storylines lately…

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says, When you produce an inferior product…what do you expect?
      Anyway, the NFL games with playoff implications were far more exciting. Btw, who cares about the AMA’s? It’s a bunch of Pop & Hip Hop crap.

    • yoyo

      Read between the lines, WWE was hoping that by trending on twitter, they would get Cena vs Orton over. Didn’t happen and now they’ll blame Bryan and Punk for not trending and setting up the new feud. Dammit Miz 2.0!!

    • debra

      they shouldn’t have gone against the game of the year. the music to my ears was hearing the chants of tna.

    • debra

      the question should be would you rather see brady-manning or a crappy show like survivor series. don’t worry they will say they did better than the football game sunday night.

    • spoiler

      Tlc title match will be a draw cena and orton will both climb the ladder and both grab a title each ending in a draw it will be a build up for the rumble which punk will win leading up to punk vs cena for the undisputed wwe title

      • Faithful1085

        Really? I won’t buy it. How many times can they wrestle and
        somebody really cares? I don’t like Punk. I don’t understand why people like Punk, the Hardy’s or Daniel Bryan? They are pitiful.

    • Faithful1085

      Everything and everybody in the WWE SUCKS! The storyline sucks, the wrestling
      sucks, the shows suck. Somebody buy VInce out, he sucks. I donot buy their
      PPV anymore for about 2 or 3 years, they suck.

    • Pinmepayme

      Last time I checked it said wrestling on the marquis, not twitter. I didn’t know they changed their name to WWSME – World Wide Social Media Entertainment .

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