Update On Referee Not Knowing The Finish To Undertaker vs. Lesnar

Posted by Matt Boone April 18, 2014 6 Comments

As previously reported, WWE referee Chad Patton — who served as the official for the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania XXX — was not informed ahead of time that Lesnar was going to be defeating Undertaker during the bout. There is, however, some who feel that Undertaker or Lesnar may have tipped him off while they were actually in the ring.

Prior to the match, Patton was pulled aside and told to count to three, as if the match were a shoot, if either guy had their shoulders pinned to the mat. He was told that the only exception would be if Undertaker applied his “Hell’s Gate” submission, to not count Undertaker’s shoulders down while doing that particular move.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Andy

      So does that mean that the Undertaker might was supposed to win?

      • Unknown

        No, like it reads the referee was tipped on Brock Lesnar winning the match so Undertaker wasn’t booked to win

    • yoyo

      Even Earl Hebner was told about the Montreal Screwjob beforehand.

      • Guest

        I wonder who told Roddy Piper to screw Backlund at Wrestlemania XI

    • Koolaid

      Brock winning is another smack in the face to Punk even if he was thinking of coming back, having have faced Taker last year they should of let Punk win if they wanted the streak to be broken since Punk was there every week, If I was Punk I would’ve been even more heated.

      • Guest

        Yes how dare they not bend over backwards to Punk after already doing that back in 2011. And in spite of Punk habitual routine of acting like a bitch. (And in spite of the fact that breaking and not breaking the Streak was Undertaker’s decision and obiviously didn’t feel Punk deserving of such an honor).

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