Details Revealed About WWE Network During Tuesday Conference Call

As noted, WWE scheduled a conference call with Vince McMahon and George Barrios on Tuesday to reveal some information regarding the WWE Network. While there wasn’t a lot of significant news coming out of the call, a few things were revealed. Below are some brief highlights:

– They noted during the call that there are 88 million homes in the United States that have broadband capability.

– Sign-ups for the WWE Network will begin at 9:00am on February 24th with programming beginning approximately 14 hours later.

– WWE is predicting 2-3 million subscribers in the United States by the end of 2015 and an additional 750,000-1.5 million subscribers internationally.

– The company is in talks with USA Network and they believe the network will lead to an increase in both RAW and SmackDown television ratings.

– WWE expects a studio talk show to debut on the network in a few months.