More Details On The Ultimate Warrior’s Final Days

Posted by Brad Davis April 9, 2014 16 Comments

RIP Ultimate Warrior

More details are coming in regarding the final days of the Ultimate Warrior.

WWE had a camera crew following Warrior and his family around during the entire weekend. The footage was shot for a future project looking at Warrior’s return to the WWE Universe.

Warrior and his family did not stay at the Roosevelt Hotel with the rest of the WWE talent. The company rented a house locally for Warrior and his family and had a car service shuttle them to and from the Hall of Fame ceremony, WrestleMania and RAW.

According to sources who were backstage at the Hall of Fame ceremony, Warrior was very friendly when approached, but also quiet and somewhat reserved. Several people commented on Warrior sweating a lot and appearing physically frail, despite his muscular stature. reports that an eye witness saw Warrior clutching his chest moments before he collapsed at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Warrior suffered a “catastrophic medical event” and so far, there is no evidence of drugs or alcohol playing a factor in his death. An investigation is underway and the Maricopa County Medical Examiner will be conducting an autopsy on Thursday.

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    • Taio Smalls

      I thought it was weird that he kept holding his heart.

      • SJ

        Probably got ill but didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want them to worry or anything like that. Y’know? Or maybe he knew that people may not respond appropriately….or something…but that’s fucked up that he physically died!!!!
        His kids would be dealing with a lot….I’m so sorry for their loss of their dad…that sucks that he physically died!!!

    • Derp

      Could Warrior have suffered from the same thing Eddie Guerrero did?

      • Katherine

        I’d say its possible. Past alcohol and drug abuse can catch up with you. I’m going to say it was a massive hart attack that got him. None the less RIP Warrior.

        • SJ

          i MISS, ADORE, LOVE AND LOOK FORWARD IN ANTICIPATION to…..the clean shaven Randy Keith Orton…THE VIPER returning to the WWE again!!!! I MISS HIM AND LOVE HIM!!! I WISH HE’D BE ALLOWED TO GO BACK TO BEING CLEAN SHAVEN AGAIN AND BEING A GOOD GUY AND KICKING ASS like he was doing and doing things for the right reasons, him being NOT BEING ALLOWED to be my champion and me being allowed to be his and us fighting for each other and stuff…..BUT, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WWE can’t allow Randy Orton to be a badass good guy anymore! Which hurtfully sucks!!!
          Randy Orton not having heart as in being gutsy, real, good, honorable and fun and him not being like the good guy badass, going back to looking, being, behaving, doing things, having the attitude he had like he was in 08-09 SUCKS HELLACIOUSLY AWFUL!!!!

      • SJ

        I feel like I’m dying because of the things I did like, enjoy, miss, appreciate, and adore about WWE feel as though they are gone and won’t ever return again which totally sucks hellaciously awful and beyond annoying!!!

    • Mr.Plontas

      This is one of the most shocking things to ever happen in the WWE, he was a plontas guy and wrestler… RIP Warrior, wish you, Eddie, Owen, Randy and Big V was still with us, you all were too young and left me with plenty of great memories RIP

    • KuchikiRaíden

      Although I’m saddened by his passing, I’m glad that he was able to cement his legacy and receive much needed closure with other legends, Vince, and WWE in general these past few days. May his warrior spirit guide him to eternal paradise. RIP.

      • SJ

        What if he didn’t get closure in the way he wanted to though??!! That’d fucking suck hellaciously lousy and unjustly!! THAT’S WHAT!!!

        • JS

          Yeah just like you suck Randy Ortons dick… Wait I mean the Viper, but not this Viper, the 08-09 clean shaven bald viper who’d disrespect everyone and punt them in the skulls. That’s the one you’d suck.

    • The Ultimate Warrior

      And now I have truly gone to ‘Parts Unknown’!

    • jt

      Im sure it was the past abuse to his body catching up to him. I don’t know if he did “recreational” drugs but he obviously did steroids back in the day. The money and fame you might get just aren’t worth the long term effects.

      • SJ

        People saying he did steroids are angry about him dying so maybe they have to blame his death on something negative but what if he didn’t die because of drugs, alcohol, or steroids or any of that….but he died of a broken heart because the people who used to like and enjoy WWE didn’t always like it as much as they used to in the 80’s and even in late 2000….like 2008-2010 and some of the time in 2011 – 2012??!!

    • mustang

      Let’s all give our condolences to the family. Warrior will be missed. Very sad day for his family and to his fans that grew up with him. Rest in peace warrior, you will be missed

    • RKO

      Stayed in a private house but died in a hotel? Try again.

      • Buster Cherry

        He stayed in a private house while in New Orleans, he died in Scottsdale. Don’t criticize the article just because you can’t comprehend it

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