Details On WWE’s Attitude Towards Signing Smaller Wrestlers & Indy Talent

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is being cautious/hesitant when it comes to signing smaller wrestlers and already-established talent from the independent scene.

As it pertains to smaller talent, WWE officials reportedly feel that the company already has enough smaller talent and there is not a strong need to sign smaller wrestlers at this time. WWE is looking to sign larger wrestlers who they feel have more upside and potential to be main eventers.

As for independent wrestlers, WWE is concerned that they will have to spend a lot of time breaking the “bad habits” they learned elsewhere and re-training them to work the WWE style. WWE also does not want to sign indy talent, give them exposure and then have them leave, only to make more money elsewhere as a result of their time in WWE.

Looking at the big picture, WWE is looking to utilize the Performance Center to train new talent from scratch.