Disabled Child Robbed At WrestleMania Weekend, WWE HOF Rating & More

Posted by Brad Davis April 9, 2014 16 Comments

- The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame special that aired on the USA Network after RAW drew a 1.79 rating with 2.40 million viewers.

– WWE returns to the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana on September 15th for a live episode of RAW.

– WWE stars will be taking over tonight’s episode of The Soup, which airs on E! at 10pm EST.

– The New York Daily News reports that a 10 year old disabled WWE fan who was in New Orleans with his family for WrestleMania XXX had a camera stolen off the back of his wheelchair. The camera had photos that the boy had taken with various WWE Superstars during the week.

When word got out about the despicable crime, a local camera shop donated a new camera to the boy while WWE gave donated a bunch of WWE merchandise, including signed posters and a replica WWE Championship belt.

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    • Derp

      How low do you have to be to rob a disabled person. Absolute scum.

      • D

        Only as low as the chair goes, I’d guess.

    • Canuck 703

      Who ever did this should be used as a practice dummy for the wrestlers !!!

      • Ronald.P

        They are superstars!!!

        • Canuck 703

          yeah I thought of that after. Still not a bad idea tho ??

          • Ronald.P

            Yeah agreed there, and that kid should punch him in the face

      • D

        That’s what Zack Ryder is for.

    • Mr.Plontas

      Who ever did this had to be black! That’s not plontas at all

      • Getting tired of your shit

        Fuck you troll

      • Rooter

        Ur a f**kin idiot.

    • CruelInhumane

      This is infuriating. This is what is wrong with the world.

    • Ted Dibiase

      I robbed that kid! Like taking candy from a baby! Nyahahahahahahahaha!

    • yoyo


    • Katherine

      Pretty shitty thing to do to someone disabled let alone a kid.

    • Kris Godwin

      Pathetic. Earths populace could really use a culling right about now.

      • D

        Okay. You start and the rest of us will catch up later.

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