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  • Brenda taylor

    Get well soon John Cena speedy recovery…. will miss you on wwe… but your Beautiful girlfriend will take care of you.

    • troll

      she ulgy

      • troll

        I meant ugly*

      • Marush

        Yeah … you and me can only wish for an “ulgy” girlfriend like Niki (or Bella)

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Hope John Cena has a fast recovery. Can’t wait to see him back in the ring.

  • trish

    get well john I will miss you. but I rather you get better then you wrestle hurt. and I want you to know me and my step daughter are fans of your and I love what you do for the children. to me your a hero :)

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny thinks Cena should have also had that other growth removed; his gold digger girlfriend Nikki.

  • Sharon Smith

    wish you a speedy recovery and back too action soon. My grandson Payton Scarberry is a big fan of WWE and you, I have another grandson Hunter Scarberry who has a condition called CMV virus. and is part of make a wish foundation. He also wishes you a speedy recovery

  • Kage

    Dang, look at the size of that bandage!
    Good to see Cena doing well. His match with D-Bry was awesome.

  • Harry Lorenzo Goode

    Glad to see he’s doing well. That being dude take some real time off this time, lord knows you deserve it

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