Dixie Carter Claims TNA Wrestling Is Looking For New Talent

Posted by Matt Boone January 10, 2014 18 Comments

TNA president Dixie Carter announced on her official Twitter account on Friday afternoon that the company is looking for new talent.

Dixie posted the following tweet:

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    • Wall

      break news- dixie carter looking for new talent to $h!t on

    • Undertaker316

      unless they sell the company i would be surprised if tna exists until next year

    • Angelo

      breaking news :- They search for all WWE Drug guys.

    • Andrew Padin

      TNA doesn’t need new talent, they need a new owner.

    • TheMachineX2

      TNA is getting better, there’s an emphasis of fresh faces. Getting rid of the old tired same ole , same ole guys. I love you Dixie! You Rock!

      • WTF

        TNA was great, now its going down the drain!!

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        usually you go with your biggest drawers, add new talent, and then after that get rid of your “old stars”.

        not as they do, get rid of the people that draw to bring in new guys, which “nobody” wants to see…

        nothing against guys like aries, roode, sabin, ray, abyss or anyone else wrestling wise, but they can’t carry a company (at least the way they have been booked), but you only got angle maybe sting left, and to release/not renew the contracts of 3 of their top5 stars, especially those with the biggest drawing power (hardy, aj, hogan) is just a ridicolous business move, no matter which way you twist it…

        • Gambit

          You can not put Hogan in that list because Hogan actually did more harm than good.

          • Chris_Is_Awesome

            he did not everything he could to help grow tna, but he definetly still draws (commercials, live shows, might as well ratings). i’m not big on hogan but when he still was with tna he got pops, and you always saw people dressed yellow/red in the audience…

        • TheMachineX2

          I watch every week. Honestly I am tired of seeing Sting and Angle. Sting doesn’t even look good cosmetically now . He has to wrestle with a t-shirt on bcuz he’s soft looking, The camera did a close up of him last week, man talk about age spots ? Ric Flair doesn’t even have that many. Angle’s drunk, broken neck ass looking for a pity party whenever he gets mic time can only do the ankle lock (ouch!) -devastating move. Personally I think its emphasis on new faces in the spotlight is fresher,more entertaining and actually the ratings were up 26% – first time in 6 months ( as stated in ratings post on the web site). Magnus is a “GREAT” heel champ Dixie is a “GREAT “heel owner.

          • Chris_Is_Awesome

            if you talk about the ratings this thursday you could probably blame it on aj’s farewell. don’t get me wrong like i said i’m not big on hogan neither am i happy to watch that redundant ish they are doing with sting right now, but those are guys people are coming to see, probably after the show they will say roode or aries stole the show, but in the first place they came to see others…

            magnus is a solid wrestler, but his promos are subpar at best and he hasn’t had that moment yet that made him, although they’re trying to give him that, as far as dixie goes in my eyes she’s mediocre at best, she acts like a frightened little girl, that doesn’t macth with her power position and makes this complete storyline unbelievable to me. not mentioning if you employ rockstar spud as your assistant and not the caliber of bully ray you lower your position yourself.

            if you see how they are using joe and aries, and roode who will in a couple weeks will face angle the 35th time in the past half year, anything but the company getting sold or bankrupt is close to a wonder in my eyes

    • Art Log

      how about ryback

    • I ate too much

      New Talent … yeah sure, Dixie, with lower paychecks than they make in the Indies and extra jobs at Waffle House. o_O … Get a clue!

      • Guest

        Independent wrestlers don’t even make that much money. Hence we most are desperate to get into WWE.

        • Chris_Is_Awesome

          depends on which company you talk about, but for sure probably most wrestler try to get signed by the e not only they earn well but they also work bigger venues, but there’s also some guys out there that rather “wrestle” the world than “entertain” the wwe universe ;)

    • jmhall2369

      Years too late, Dixie. The end is nigh.

    • eddieg

      god damn you fans suck any time a story comes you have to complain about it! just shut the fuck up! and do not watch the fucking show!!

    • Stuart Moulding

      TNA wouldn’t need to search for new talent if they hadn’t released a large chunk of the roster last year to make way for worn out MMA fighters on part time contracts

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