Dixie Carter Issues Stern Message Regarding Austin Aries

Posted by Matt Boone May 14, 2013 17 Comments

- TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter addressed Austin Aries’ lewd behavior towards ring announcer Christy Hemme on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling with a stern statement via Twitter this afternoon.

“TNA has ZERO tolerance for inappropriate behavior,” she wrote. “The incident with Austin Aries was taken very seriously and handled immediately.”

David Schwarz, Senior Vice President of Communications for Spike TV, stated this week to Mark Madden that action would be taken against Aries for his public form of sexual harassment towards the veteran Knockout.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment,” said Schwarz. “We discussed [the incident] with our partner. [Aries is] being disciplined. I’m trying to get more information on what action is being taken. Dixie Carter took this very personally. He will be disciplined. Again, we have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

“I’m not sure specifically how [the discipline] will be handled. To what extent, I don’t know. This is certainly something we don’t condone and don’t tolerate. Such behavior is not welcome.”

In response to whether Aries’ discipline should be made public since Hemme was harassed on national television, Schwarz responded, “I think that a statement of some sort will be coming. That’s being worked out. But immediate action will be taken.”

On the show, Hemme mistakenly introduced Aries and tag team partner Bobby Roode as their opponents for the evening, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. This led Aries to corner Hemme in the ring as he intimidated her into correctly introducing him before climbing onto a mid-level turnbuckle and shoving his groin near her face.

Following the event, Hemme voiced her displeasure with Aries’ actions via Twitter, deeming it “unacceptable.” Late Saturday night, Aries appeared to address the incident though the social networking outlet, writing, “Pretty nuts, some of the junk people get the balls to say over the net, knowing they couldn’t to your face…Eh, anyway, time to sack out.”

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    • Kage

      What a load of crap.

      I can understand this being classified as sexual harrasment in any other business – but this is friggin’ pro-wrestling. Physical contact and theatrics should come as expected. Aries did nothing wrong, he was only having some fun improvising and playing his cocky-heel role. The fact this has been talked about as much as it has is ridiculous. Oh, and let’s not forget that Christy was the one who screwed-up in the first place…

      *sigh* Political Correctness is ruining wrestling.

      • Derp

        If it wasn’t staged, and he did it on a whim without even getting her approval, yeah it’s sexual harassment. Since when is pro wrestling about sticking your sack in a girls face? You’re truly an idiot.

        • Kage

          First, he didn’t stick his ‘sack’ in her face. All he did was stand over her and posed. He didn’t make any contact.

          Second, Hemme is on-air talent. On a wrestling show. Improvisation comes with the territory. I remember Bully Ray hurling abuse at So Cal Val during a few matches. Was there an outrage? No, because Ray was playing a character, despite Val not being a competitor. What about the times Scotty 2 Hotty would gyrate in front of Lillian Garcia during his entrances? I guess that’s sexual harrassment too?

          I respect women’s rights (like any sane person), but this situation has been blown out of proportion, because the whiney PC brigade can’t deliniate between the act of a TV character and a genuine case of harrassment.

          Third, Chavo agrees.

          Fourth, and YOU are a poopy-head.

          • Guest3398779

            I couldn’t care less about this entire thing but with that being said, “Chavo agrees” should NEVER be a selling point for any argument no matter what number you give it.

          • Capt. Obvious

            1. It was funny…
            2. It was brilliant…
            3. It was wrong…

            4. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment no matter the occupation.

            • morrisonfanone

              Very true. There were things he could’ve done to voice his displeasure without going that far. It was wrong.

          • morrisonfanone

            He posed on the ring and his “sack” came very close to Christy’s face.

          • Derp

            Just because she is on air talent, doesn’t mean that men get to treat her however they want. There is a reason sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, etc charges exist. Because wearing a speedo and putting your junk 3 inches away from someones face is a big deal. If it wasn’t scripted, I’d like to see how you handle a dudes junk being shoved into your face when you don’t want it. There are ways to improvise a show without trying to rape someone. You are an idiot. I bet we will see you on the news for raping a girl at some point.

    • morrisonfanone

      So she made a mistake. There were things that could’ve been done without going that far. Good thing this WWE in the Attitude Era or nothing would be done. She should’ve slapped him.

    • What

      Christy should’ve punch him in the balls at that moment..

    • jerichhhooo

      Good maybe they will fire Aries and he can go to wwe. Fuck TNA first off because If I’m not wrong velvet sky twiddles the second rope in between her ass cheeks when she gets in the ring…your mad because Aries was disrespected by someone who should know her lines? She’s a woman and they make everything a big deal. Fuck them. And fuck TNA. Go to we Austin your way better than that dump..PS: I THOUGHT THAY SJIT WAS HILARIOUS.

    • jericho

      Oh yea and that’s what happens when women run the wrestling company.

    • kindred1313

      People really need to learn the definition of “harassment”!!! One time does not qualifies as “harassment”. If they called it MISCONDUCT then that would be correct. If they consider what happened as “Sexual Harassment” then there hole show is sexual harassment.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cbbraddy Christopher Braddy

      Ummm, so I did not see the segment in question, but isn’t Impact taped? If so, wouldn’t it have made sense to just edit this part out of the broadcast? This reeks of an angle to me…

      …especially considering the phallic nature of Hemme’s responce on “social media”

      Read it again with me:

      “PRETTY NUTS, some of the JUNK people get the BALLS to say over the net, knowing they couldn’t to your FACE… Eh, anyway, time to SACK out.”

      C’mon, this is an angle, how can you all not see it? So they got a network exec to go on record. He’s helping sell the show. Controversy & all.

    • chalmo

      Shame Hemme hasn’t apologised for the mistake, she makes a few…

    • patch

      off the air 4 6 months with No pay aries zero tolerance is zero ur gone hulk hogan find some 1 new . DUMB ASS

    • http://www.facebook.com/linda.mercer Linda Sue Mercer

      I do think that this should have been handled privately and not handled in public. This is a soap-opera in the ring however we should always be respectful of one another.

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