Dixie Carter Talks About Changes Coming In TNA (Video), Latest Impact Podcast

Posted by Matt Boone January 21, 2014 8 Comments

- TNA has added the following “#IMPACT365″ video to their official YouTube channel, which features company president Dixie Carter addressing some changes coming in the future.

- TNA has also added the latest edition of their IMPACT Podcast to YouTube, which features Rockstar Spud. You can check that out below:

  • troll

    changes or future failures

  • hmw


    • The Troll Hunter

      The same goes for going on TNA articles & saying, “TNA IS DEAD”.

  • TheMachineX2

    its about time! TNA / Dixie is making the decision to stand on their own. its the right decision just in the last couple of weeks Impact has been fresh and energized I love it As a TNA fan watching HH, Sting, Jeff Hardy was getting very, very stale. Now get rid of Eric Young, and that Joseph Park character. I’m going to buy my Dixieland t-shirt.

    • Chris_Is_Awesome


      • The Troll Hunter

        lol, says a wwe fanboy?

        • Chris_Is_Awesome

          says ur mom

  • Derp

    She’s always talking about changes in TNA, yet there are never any changes. It’s been the same shit for the last few years. Where are these supposed changes? Hiring some no talent hack to stand around and cut promos all show but never wrestle isn’t a “change”

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