Dixie Carter’s Husband Shows Off A Confederate Flag License Plate On Twitter, Dixie Carter’s Response

Posted by Brad Davis November 15, 2013 9 Comments

TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter’s husband Serg Salinas, who reigns as Vice President of TNA Knockout Music Publishing and TNA Merchandising, posted an image on Twitter Thursday night of himself showing off a Confederate Flag license plate that states “DON’T MESS WITH DIXIE.”

Serg Salinas

Twitter user Nicole Jensen notified Carter of the image, stating, “Do you find it acceptable that Serg, an employee of yours, is promoting storylines on the confederate flag?” The TNA Wrestling President responded shortly thereafter via direct message, stating, “No way darlin. Wouldn’t allow that.”

Dixie Carter

Salinas has since deleted the image.

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    • bluebook

      LOL Someone’s sleeping with the dog tonight.

      • D

        But he sleeps with Dixie EVERY night as it is…

    • T 980

      People are overly sensitive now a days. Talk about white guilt.

      • Joel Williams

        No guilt here I assure you, I’m not PC at all. I choose honesty, and I’m proud of my heritage, as I believe everyone should be regardless of their race.

        • Trololol

          I’m German, I’ll be proud of my heritage by killing a new

          • Trollin a troll trolololol


    • TheMachineX2

      that just goes to show you how undereducated ,misinformed, and manipulated this section of the population is. Its also shows a bias control of historic accounts. They think that the only thing that the Confederate Flag is about is slavery. What has happened to the education system ( a total failure) ? Why don’t they get upset about the American flag which represents a tyrannical, greedy, war seeking, blood thirsty, corporation and military industrial complex controlled empire?

    • Camp Cornette

      This is nothing new in wrestling. “Wild-eyed Southern Boys” Tag team, Tracy Smothers alone, Chris Hamrick… get a grip people.

    • trollingisahobby

      whats next, dixie creates a porn video to increase ratings for tna

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