Dolph Ziggler Promo Gets People Talking, Curt Hawkins Makes WWE Return

Posted by Matt Boone February 1, 2014 10 Comments

- WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins returned to in-ring action at the WWE live event on Friday night in Miami, Florida. Hawkins lost to Titus O’Neil. After the match, O’Neil cut a heel promo talking about how he’s no longer a teammate of Darren Young.

- WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler cut a lengthy promo on the WWE App during this week’s edition of SmackDown. Ziggler commented on the promo, which has a lot of people talking, in a new tweet posted on his official Twitter account. Ziggler tweeted:

  • Undertaker316
    • Will $teel

      simply epic. Bryan vs Ziggler vs Punk for WM 31 main event. Too bad WWE is too foolish 2 make it happen

    • Derp

      Seems like the WWE is trying to take a page out of CM Punk’s book.

      • Derp

        It was a good promo though.

      • D

        You mean the WWE is trying to repeat what they did with Punk. The “pipebomb” promo? WWE-approved all the way.

    • lol

      Amazing. Just a great promo

  • marcus

    everybody’s pissed right now where is wwe going that great talent sit on the sidelined and put weak other talent over because they bigger

  • P.P. Johnny

    P.P. Johnny says that promo has Punk written all over it, but Ziggler is right. It’s time for Ziggler to be a heel again. (WWE dropped the ball making him a face at the height of his popularity.) Maybe this is the start of a big push, but you know the WWE will screw that up.

  • ewad

    Anyone who thinks that something that is broadcast on live WWE tv or on a WWE App is “real” is foolish. They have the capability to cut the mic or the feed to anything they want if they don’t like what is said.

    It’s all a work..and as you can see it gets everyone talking. Maybe they are just trying to ‘stir’ things up.

  • Hector Naranjo

    Meh…… Get a better finisher and maybe…..

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