Dolph Ziggler Speaks On The Spirit Squad, Underutilized Stars In WWE & More

The following are highlights from a recent WOIO-TV CBS-19 Cleveland interview with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler:

On the most underutilized Superstar in WWE: “Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, Alex Riley I’m a big fan of his work. There’s a million guys that don’t always get the spotlight… I’ve worked 100 jobs in my life and I’ve never been with more hard working people that aren’t just in it for themselves, they’re in it for the fans and for the respect of their peers. There’s one or two probably that got under my radar that aren’t the hardest workers in the world, everybody else wants what’s best for the company. They want what’s best for themselves. We’re there to help the company and there’s so many other names on that list, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder those guys that have been fans since they were 5-years old.”

On Nicky of The Spirit Squad or Kerwin White’s caddy was a better gimmick: “It depends, because they both kinda sucked. Let’s see, which one was more heartbreaking to hear about? Actually, the Kerwin White caddy thing was pretty cool… you’re going off with Chavo Guerrero, this name that’s synonymous with awesome history for years. We don’t have too many Attitude era guys that are still around, or before that, who can take people under their wing, and I got that chance. That was amazing. But also in the Spirit Squad, losing every night – which is kinda my thing anyway – but sharing the spotlight with 5 guys… I had a blast with those guys by the way, working with DX, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, everybody you could possibly name and we had a blast. So both ended up being pretty cool.”

On his diet and workout routines: “I would say 70% of the time I eat moderately healthy and 30% of the time I eat whatever the hell I want because I work out so hard. Because I know that every Monday, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I have to be in a pair of underwear trying not only to be in OK shape, but I want the boss to say ‘that guy can be my champion’, so I have to look like a million bucks every single day…. Every morning no matter what, six days a week if not seven I force myself up and on that treadmill or elliptical and get your body going… Eat and enjoy yourself, we’ve got too many nerdy people who are weighing turkey slices. Get out of here, you know what’s good and you know what’s bad. Eat what you like and be moderately healthy but go kill it in the gym.”