Dory Funk Jr’s Wife Upset Over Kevin Nash Interview

– The wife of Dory Funk Jr., Marti Funk, passed along this message in regards to comments Kevin Nash made about John Travolta during a recent Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot interview.

My Husband and I hold your web site in the highest regard and enjoy your hard work on it daily

The latest video of Kevin Nash talking about John Travolta ( our neighbor in Ocala, Florida ) is complete


We have known John for years and Dory Funk ( my husband) has had photos taken with John on several occasions and I believe Mr. Nash is playing an old worn out card. Mr. Nash is talking out of his head, and if I were to repeat what some of the girls say about him in his intimate times it would make everyone laugh out loud.

Only a very sad person could twist the attention of an A-lister to something so ridiculously childish


Marti Funk.

– Embedded in the video below is footage in which Marti Funk is talking about in her above statement.