Dory Funk Jr’s Wife Upset Over Kevin Nash Interview

Posted by Matt Boone January 15, 2013 1 Comment

- The wife of Dory Funk Jr., Marti Funk, passed along this message in regards to comments Kevin Nash made about John Travolta during a recent Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot interview.

My Husband and I hold your web site in the highest regard and enjoy your hard work on it daily

The latest video of Kevin Nash talking about John Travolta ( our neighbor in Ocala, Florida ) is complete


We have known John for years and Dory Funk ( my husband) has had photos taken with John on several occasions and I believe Mr. Nash is playing an old worn out card. Mr. Nash is talking out of his head, and if I were to repeat what some of the girls say about him in his intimate times it would make everyone laugh out loud.

Only a very sad person could twist the attention of an A-lister to something so ridiculously childish


Marti Funk.

– Embedded in the video below is footage in which Marti Funk is talking about in her above statement.

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    • The Truth

      Most everyone in hollywood is gay. Why would that funk lady take such offense if it wasnt true? Best part is when you are trying to take the high road, you then dont go and make demeaning remarks yourself. Sounds like something funny might be going on between dory and john

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