The following are highlights of a new News Hub interview with former WWE trainer Dr. Tom Prichard:

On training under The Iron Sheik: “What happened was I was working in the wrestling office and when I was a kid during the summer and there was this football player wanted to try wrestling and every Friday before the matches, Gary Hart, he was the booker at the time and would bring one of the boys in with him from Dallas and talk with Paul that Friday afternoon around his matches. One Friday afternoon Gary brought The Iron Sheik who was wrestling as Mohamed Farooq back then and the football player came in and I always brought workout gear with me anyway in my trunk.”

On teaming with the late Chris Adams: “Chris was definitely a talented guy. He was be a really good guy and he could be a really intense guy. So we were both pretty young. He was probably about two years older than me. I was 20 and he was 22, I suppose. Just being at that state in your career and that young and he just came over from England and I came from Texas to California. We both hadn’t experienced a whole lot of life yet. I think we grew in the sense that we were two young guys in L.A having a pretty good time. That’s my experiences with Chris.”

On being as part of The BodyDonnas in WWE: “It was terrible, it was a really bad time. It wasn’t a great time for professionally or personally in my life. At that time it was a gig and it was still in wrestling. It was terrible. I hated every minute of it. I liked working with Chris but the rest of the gig was just really bad. It was my fault it happened like that. But that’s what happened. We can’t go back and change it and it was not the best time of my life or my career. You had to make the best of a situation or otherwise I would have had no job and no gig and that’s not where I was at yet. I had just come off a run and still had long hair and had to put it under a shield and a crew cut was just really awkward. It was uncomfortable for a lot of reasons. It just wasn’t a good time. That’s what the BodyDonnas were for. It just wasn’t a good place to be.”

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