Dusty Rhodes Claims He Inspired The Rock, WWE Looking To Fill New Position

– WWE Hall Of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes posted an interesting tweet on his official Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. Rhodes wrote the following, “If the dots were all that matter[ed], then I wasted 44 years. Where would The Rock be, any many others? Statement made!”

Rhodes is referring to the infamous polka dots he wore during his WWE run in the early 1990s. The ring attire was considered a “rib,” or an inside joke by Vince McMahon to Rhodes, as Rhodes competed against WWE for so long in the original NWA. Rhodes saying, “where would The Rock be?” was apparently a statement regarding the influence his infamous “bionic elbow” had on The Rock, who later popularized his own “People’s Elbow” as a finishing move in many of his WWE matches. Evidence of this can be seen in the conversation following the tweet, as a fan replied by saying, “The ‘People’s Elbow’ [was] inspired by ‘The American Dream’ brotha!” to which Rhodes replied, “so true.”

You can view Rhodes’ initial tweet below:

– WWE is looking to hire a Vice President of Digital Video Strategy, according to a new tweet posted on the official WWE Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon. WWE tweeted the following: