Dusty Rhodes Upsets Stephanie McMahon During Recent WWE RAW Appearances

Posted by Matt Boone October 3, 2013 14 Comments

WWE Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes is famous for going to the ring and cutting promos completely on his own, without the use of a pre-written script by the WWE creative team. Apparently, this style has caused some friction backstage recently.

On recent editions of WWE RAW, Dusty was cutting promos without a script, and even cut Stephanie McMahon off a few times, to the displeasure of the bosses daughter.

Additionally, Dusty did the dreaded “face-palm” to Stephanie during a recent promo, which was also something that was not scripted. Stephanie apparently had no idea it was coming, and was not happy about it at all.

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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    • Carlos Arriola

      steph honestly is stuck up and so is paul levesque. from watching the wwf/wwe my whole life, I could honestly say that was good or business in “viewership” wise. I honestly believe that segment pushed my attention more into th Rhodes angle. but to ge upset is just selfish-feelings and se makes enough money so for he to get that face-palm pissed her off because alittle more money doesn’t matter to her. this angle has more of my attention than the wwe championship match. 1 up for dusty in my eys.

    • Garrrrrrrrrrrett

      Well fuck her… boo fucking hoo omg…

      • Randy Ragsdale

        Yum Yum I wish I could;) The thought of having a 3way with her and hhh where we dp her excites me. I love her big boobs and round butt :) Also wouldn’t mind hhh going in my backdoor. I want him to prove if he really is the cerebral assassin;)

    • Steve

      What’s wrong with going off script? Steve Austin didn’t even have a script at King of the Ring ’96 and he sold a boat load of shirts saying ‘Austin 3: 16′ because it came to him as he stood there

    • trish

      good for dusty. I think hhh and Stephanie are wrong. I stopped watching because of all the bulling that their doing.i was a big fan of wrestling for years and now I hate it

      • georgia white

        I agree with u Irish I have started watching on Thursday night with TNA…

    • OHSNAPz

      Fucking good haha.

    • yoyo

      So we’re back to the old kliq days. Don’t put anyone else over!

    • DOUG


    • Guest38475657478

      God forbid these two entitled assholes look vulnerable for one damn second.
      This current heel run for Steph and H that has been absolutely phenomenal is completely overshadowed when you realize they aren’t playing characters. They are exactly the people they are portraying on television.

      • Ecco

        Exactly. Even Vince took many stunners to put Austin over. But Dusty gives Steph the “face palm” and she gets mad?!

        • Guest57896422579

          Exactly. Vince took stunners, he got hosed down by beer and milk, he let Austin beat him with a damn bedpan. Stephanie cant even stand to be out of the shot for a damn minute.

    • Papa Mike

      It was funny, I’m kind of getting sick of this Stephanie and Triple H bad guy thing. It’s not best for business, but it does make me watch to see when they are going to get off TV. WWE doesn’t need the boss daughter or the COO of the company on Raw or Smackdown.

    • Derp.

      This entire storyline angle they’ve got going on I’m sick of. I haven’t wanted to watch raw for at least 3 weeks now. I start watching for the first 30 minutes and just shut it off. They’ve really dropped the ball on this one. They’re not even playing a role anymore. Steph can get over it. God forbid someone actually do something WORTH watching that wasn’t centered around her and her husband. Get off the screen and stay in the back where you belong.

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