EC3 Talks Bully Ray Leaving TNA, Vince Russo, Locker Room Leaders

Ethan Carter III did an interview with to promote TNA Impact Wrestling moving to Wednesday Nights on Spike. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Bully Ray’s Rumored Farewell Speech To The TNA Locker Room:

“There was a talk, it wasn’t that he’s leaving, it was more of: ‘If I don’t see you guys in a minute.’ But who is to say? I think it was more, [of a] precautionary [talk], who knows?”

When He Found Out About Vince Russo Being A Consultant For TNA:

“I never knew he was working as a consultant, so I can’t really answer that. But I do appreciate his kind words, as a guy who has seen a bunch of stars, especially guys like Austin and The Rock, rise [to the top]. To have him say anything kind about me is a compliment, but compliments are compliments, and that helps your confidence grow, but you just got to keep doing what you’re doing. I wish I had time to talk to him, because who knows what I could learn from him.”

Bound For Glory From Japan:

“It’s going to be a different kind of audience, that’s maybe not as invested story wise as they will be with the action in the ring. We have that benefit that we can just go out there and have 8 to 9 killer matches in front of a respectful Japanese crowd. It will be a very different presentation from what we’ve seen in the past, so that will be interesting.”

The Locker Room Leaders In TNA:

“Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, guys like that, that have been tenured here. James Storm, Mr. Anderson, guys of that nature. People who have been in the industry for awhile, but have contributed here very successfully.”