Edge Discusses Working with WWE In the Future, Being Content with His Career

2012 WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke with MiamiNewTimes.com this week to promote WrestleMania. Here are some highlights:

Overall, you’ve held more WWE titles than anyone else in history, and set other records in WWE. You obviously accomplished quite a bit in your career. But since your career was ended abruptly and unexpectedly, is there anything you had hoped you could do before you retired that you weren’t able to accomplish?

Actually, no. I’m able to retire content with the fact that everything that was on my checklist, and then some, got accomplished. When I first started my career, there wasn’t a Money in the Bank match and I ended up winning the first Money in the Bank. There wasn’t a TLC [tables, ladders and chairs] match and that’s a match we kind of created. On top of the things I did want — the Tag Team title, the Intercontinental title, the U.S. title and the Heavyweight titles — these other things came about during my career that I never would have thought possible to accomplish because they weren’t around. In that respect, I feel really good and it wasn’t hard to hear the news that they gave me. Sure, there’s an initial kind of “Whoa! Now what do I do with myself?” But once I got my head around that, I was like, “Well, I did everything I set out to accomplish.” I wanted to wrestle Bret Hart, but he was already retired, so that wasn’t a possibility. Perfect world — retiring in a match against Christian in Toronto at a WrestleMania would have obviously been great. But there’s only so many perfect things you can have happen, and everything else I was pretty much blown away by. Retiring at ‘Mania as the World Champ is a pretty good way to go. I’ll take that.

Do you think you might want to serve some sort of on-air mentor role, maybe if they did another season of Tough Enough or something like that?

I can see myself doing something more in a backstage capacity, and maybe going out and searching for talent. That wouldn’t involve too much traveling or anything like that. Like, maybe going to an independent show and seeing if there’s anybody that’s got it once a month. That I can see doing, because then I’m just sitting and watching shows and helping guys who really want it.