Edge Speaks On Being Forced To Retire, His Early Contract Talks With Jim Ross

Posted by Matt Boone December 19, 2013 0 Comment

As previously reported, Hall Of Famer Adam “” Copeland appeared as the second guest on ’s new “” online . The following are some highlights from the :

On being forced into retirement: “I really thought I would relax whenever that is, but with it being sped up a couple of years with the last injury, it was then like, ‘Now what?’ called the ‘Haven’ people because they had been looking to have a tie-in with Smackdown. ‘Listen, we have this guy retiring. I think he could fill a good spot on your show.’ That’s kind of how that fell into place.”

On details of his WWE contract when he first signed with the company: “I got called up to J.R.’s office and he goes, ‘We have a deal for you.’ It was for $210 a week.’ Because after the currency exchange, that worked out to 300 Canadian. They said just keep working. There was no farm system; they said, ‘Keep getting booked.’ I got signed at the end of ’96 and then I kept working. They said, ‘We’ll call you when we’re ready for you,’ and I kept going wherever I could. But now, I had $210 or 300 bucks to at least eat. It was like, ‘Here’s a little morsel so you can keep doing your thing.'”

Check out the complete interview online at PodcastOne.com.