Eric Bischoff Gaining Power In TNA, Spike Not Fans Of Dixie

Spike TV has apparently lost a lot of faith in TNA president Dixie Carter, stemming from Kevin Nash and Booker T leaving the company last year.

Dixie had sold Spike executives on the idea of getting the Main Event Mafia back together last year, and they had big plans for it, without having Nash and Booker under contract. Nash and Booker both ended up in WWE and the whole thing fell through. With the Main Event Mafia plans dead, TNA booked the Fortune split from Immortal on the fly.

Due to Spike TV’s lack of faith in Carter, Eric Bischoff is said to have inherited more power in TNA. Sources say that Spike execs work directly through Bischoff for almost all TNA-related matters, and they want to deal with the former WCW president almost exclusively.